Best Business Brokers to Sell A Business

Selling your business can be a headache if you try to take it on yourself. Trying to decide what your business is worth, agonizing over negotiations and hoping to find a buyer all while still trying to run your company can be quite the hassle. Using a quick business sale broker can be just the thing you need to sell your business fast and efficiently. 

A good business broker will run a full valuation to see exactly what your business is worth, come up with a comprehensive marketing plan that will show buyers exactly what their investment can do, and use their extensive network to attract the perfect buyer. All of this is done while you focus on maintaining the success of your business, as this helps close the deal. Another advantage of using a business broker is that they are able to close the sale quickly. 

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Finding a quality business broker to sell your business doesn’t have to be hard. Below are the top business brokers that will get your deal closed fast. 

1. Business Exits

Business Exits was founded by an entrepreneur who understands what goes into building a successful business. Focusing on larger businesses over the Two Million Dollar mark, their book of business includes thousands of potential buyers and entrepreneurs in states and countries across the globe. Boasting a 91% success rate of all transactions brought to market in 2019, Business Exits will help you sell your business of maximum profit.

2. Digital Exits

Another leading company in the industry is Digital Exits. They work with smaller-scale business transactions beginning at only $250k. The company’s founder started his business entrepreneurship at only 25 years old and has built and sold many businesses since. His team understands what it is like to own and operate a business and will use that to attract the right buyer. With a 94% closing rate and 100% confidentiality promise, Digital Exits is the place to go for your small business sale.

3. Synergy Business Brokers

Established in 2002, Synergy Business Brokers helps smaller businesses with annual revenue of $700,000 and $40 million. With a wide range of business specialties, they use a business model that allows them to market your business quickly and effectively. Although they have a heavy focus on the Northeastern United States, they have global buyers and can sell anywhere in the US. This award winning team also boasts no fees until your business is sold. 

4. Woodbridge International

Woodbridge works with large businesses who are generally in the range of $5M to $250 million. With 27 years of business transactions under their belt, they take more of a team strategy than just one person representing them. With 19 worldwide locations, they are definitely a company that gets it done. 

No matter which broker you choose, this list of brokers will make sure to get the job done quickly while still getting you everything you want.

5. Website brokers

There are lots of brokers for websites and they are not all created equal. Clint, the owner of tell us that he wishes he knew more about the company he purchased his website from before going through with it, “from start to finish it was a nightmare, then after closing I find out there were major business obstacles in order to even keep operating” in all he says he probably paid 50% to much for his business. Online website brokers include the one Clint used; Empire Flippers, Feinternational, and Flippa are probably the biggest players, but there are dozens of companies popping up. Most importantly when buying or selling an internet business is understand both the company your using to broker the deal and the contract you’re agreeing to.

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