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What many people don’t realize about buying a domain name is that it is necessary to register your contact information with the WHOIS directory of ICANN. Providing your address, phone number and email allows people to search for the the owner of a specific domain. Some people would prefer that their personal information not be so easily accessible. If you are one of these folks, you have the option of choosing private domain registration when you buy domain names. Private domain registration allows your website hosting company to provide their contact information in place of your own personal details. This add-on service will cost a bit more than standard domain purchases, but there are several benefits of private domain registration. Keep reading to learn more about why this option may be worth considering.

Maintain Control

When you opt for private domain registration, you are taking control of who has access to your personal contact details. Your information will not ust be automatically provided to the WHOIS database. You determine in what way you choose to connect your own private details to your domain name. If you want to add only a business address and phone number to your site, you can do so without worry of your home location being discovered.

Protect Privacy

Identity theft is a very real danger in today’s world of high-tech hackers. Allowing your personal contact information to be accessible to anyone can put you at risk to be targeted. Private domain registration protects your privacy, as your details will not be shared in any way in relation to your website except for the manner in which you choose to do so.

Avoid Solicitation

The WHOIS database is a treasure trove of information for spammers and scammers with easy access to millions of emails and phone numbers. The registrar of your domain name will likely change the email address associated with your account on a regular basis in order to deter unwanted solicitation. Because the information attached to your domain listing in the directory is not your own, you can feel secure in the knowledge that you won’t be targeted for any less than noble purposes. The peace of mind private domain registration offers is worth the small added financial investment. In addition, think of the time, money and hassle you’ll save yourself in dealing with the possible ramifications involved if you were to become a victim of such spammers and scammers.

When you look at all the benefits of private domain registration, it’s easy to see why it’s a popular option for those who value their privacy and enjoy the peach of mind provided by this service. A small added cost now can save you a great many problems down the road and put you in control of your own information.

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