B2B Businesses That Can Help Your Company Grow

B2B Businesses That Can Help Your Company Grow

The last year and a half have been hard on startups and small businesses all over the globe. According to the 2021 Small Business Trends report, 19 percent of business owners are not sure of whether they will survive the pandemic, and 4 percent of business owners did not expect to survive. 

The loss of revenue due to the pandemic was the most common impact reported by 23 percent of business owners. This is indeed an extremely worrying situation but nothing that cannot be controlled.

Small businesses and startups often don’t have the resources and capital to hire more workforce and as a result, they are stunted in one or other departments. What they can do is maintain a core team of employees who focus on the business itself and outsource other departments to B2B businesses. The benefits of outsourcing are numerous like cost savings, improved efficiency, focus on core areas, and saving on infrastructure. 

From content for your website to medical aid for employees, there are B2B businesses of all kinds that not only help your company focus on core areas but also help it grow. In case you’re wondering what all B2B services are available in the market, you’re in the right place. Here’s a detailed list of some of the most popular B2B businesses that will help your company grow.

Writing Services

One simply cannot emphasize enough how important writing is to a business. From white papers, press releases, advertising material, to website content, everything requires skillful writing, and outsourcing it to a professional B2B company will be a wise move. Considering business owners won’t have time to focus on content, a B2B company like Inscriberz will bring in much-needed expertise to help your company grow. Crisp and concise content will help you bring onboard stakeholders, lead generation, and a lot more. 

Medical Services

In case you’re in the health and fitness industry, there are multiple avenues where you can outsource to B2B businesses. For example, if you run an optometry-related business or are planning to start a brand-new optometry practice, PECAA would be an amazing B2B business to join hands with. 

Services offered include optometry consulting for members, optometry billing consultation, optometry marketing support, staff training resources, and human resources support, among many others. They’ll be able to assist with everything there is while allowing the business to focus on growth and expansion.

Research Services

The initial market research done before starting a business helped take it off the ground, however, the market is constantly evolving. Startups and small businesses often lose their edge since they can’t keep up with the changing market dynamics and consumer behavior while still trying to get their business rolling. 

Outsourcing the market research to B2B market research firms like RTi Research will ensure that they stay on top of the market changes. Using the data provided by the research firms, the company will be equipped with a better understanding of how to tweak or improve core areas and products to grow.

Social Media Services

According to a report, a whopping 97 percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on social media and rightfully. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, have turned out to be powerful tools for brands to connect with existing customers and convert new ones. 

Benefits include affordable marketing, direct customer service, brand community growth, targeted audience reach, and many more. Hiring a B2B social media firm like VOLTN to build your social presence will not only allow you to connect directly with your customers but also open new avenues for your business. 

Recruitment Services

Earlier, human resources used to be a part of the business but these days, small businesses and startups are employing B2B companies like CreativeSourcing Recruiter which offer hiring services. With an extensive background in human resources, access to a large talent pool, and an understanding of employment regulations, these companies are capable of finding the right person for the right job in the company. 

This not only saves entrepreneurs the headache of headhunting but also ensures that there’s no wrong hiring, that may stunt your company’s growth. Oftentimes, these companies also assist with medical insurance programs, OSHA guidelines, payroll, and more, and thus take a lot of burden off the business owners.

Bookkeeping Services

It’s a legal requirement for any business to maintain a legit book of accounts to ensure that the tax filings and payments are done on time. It’s also a must to ensure timely and accurate delivery of operational as well as financial information to management and investors. 

But the job is too tedious for small businesses, especially when you are already occupied with growing your business. Outsourcing bookkeeping to professional B2B companies such as Bench Accounting will ensure you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

These were some of the best B2B businesses that will effectively help your company grow as you focus on the core area of the business itself. What a company needs to do is determine where they need help and not hesitate on outsourcing the department to professional B2B companies. It may cost a pretty penny but less than hiring a dedicated workforce and will prove beneficial in the long run.

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