Average or Awesome: It’s a Matter of Choice

average awesomeHow is it that some people are successful, while others – who are more talented and well-connected – live a life of mediocrity?

The answer isn’t that complicated. There’s no need to commission a scientific experiment or submit ourselves to a brain scan. When it comes right down to it, the difference between success and failure, the thing that separates winners from whiners, is their mindset.


It Starts With a Choice: We Can Be Average or Awesome

Average (adjective) – of the usual or ordinary standard, having qualities that are seen as typical, mediocre, not very good.

I don’t know about you, but there’s not one single part of that definition that I want to be associated with. Still, lots of people allow their attitude, work ethic, and aspirations slip below standard. They are choosing to be average when they…

Never start – afraid of failure and the unknown, the average mindset says stick to the status quo; the security of the comfort zone.

Never finish – if they do start, the average person has no intentions of finishing. They want to do just enough to say that they tried. If they follow through, there’s a chance they could fail. Instead, they will go part way and quit. Then they will blame someone or something else…

Never take responsibility – no matter what, it’s not their fault. The average person didn’t start because no one would give them a chance. They didn’t finish because their work was unappreciated. Their shortcomings are never the issue; it’s always on someone else.

Waste time – living an average existence leaves plenty of time for television, YouTube, social networking and video games. There is not time in that highly demanding schedule to read, network, find a mentor or a take a class that could lead to career advancement or personal development.

Sees obstacles everywhere – average individuals look around and see all of the reasons why they can’t. Time, money, know-how, a bad break, being unlucky; you name it, and they will use it as the rationale for being average.

Awesome (adjective) – causing awe, inspiring wonder or excitement. Excellent, or remarkable.

Now that’s what I am talking about!

Who doesn’t want to be excited, excellent and remarkable? The best part is; there’s no reason not to be. There’s nothing holding you back but you. Remember, it’s a choice, a mindset. It’s up to you to choose. So choose awesome. Here’s how:

Set goals and stick to them – figure out what you want, commit to making it happen, and then follow through. You don’t have to know how you’ll do it when you start. Determine the what first.  What you want more than anything else in the world? Make that your one true focus and then start chasing it down.

Be consistent – those goals you laid out, work at them; every day. Don’t talk about making things happen, work at getting things done. The results will speak for themselves.

Remain optimistic – if average people see obstacles, awesome people see opportunities. They look on the bright side. They see the best in people. They are going to achieve their goals no matter what. If they fail or come up short, they regroup and reset before trying again, and again, and again.

Make sacrifices – being awesome isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work and even more sacrifice. If you’re focused on your goals, other things will have to be pushed aside. Turn off your television, tell your friends you’re staying in tonight, and work on the things that really matter; like progressing towards your goals.

Take responsibility – good or bad, success or failure, being awesome means taking responsibility for your actions. When things go right, feel free to toot your own horn. When you fail hard figure out why. Learn from your mistakes, address your shortcomings and make sure you don’t make the same missteps next time.

So, which is it; average or awesome? What’s holding you back from becoming a more awesome version of you?  

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Joe is the co-founder of Hybrid Athlete where he writes, instructs and speaks about all things fitness. But, there’s more to him than just exercise, so he moonlights as a writer, bookworm and self-professed knowledge addict. For more, follow his business and fitness escapades on Twitter, @JoeVennare


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