A Quick Review Before You Get Started

AI audio enhancer tools have simplified the lives of beginners in vlogging, podcasting, journalism, and e-teaching by providing the easiest way to transform poor or ordinary quality sound into crystal-clear, professional-grade audio in the blink of an eye!

I have been using for the past year as a sound enhancer for my short and long vlogs every week. Let me say that I have not found anything better than this incredible sound quality improver!

Its incomparable efficiency in identifying and removing background sounds and balanced sound output or loudness makes it stand out among the rest of the tools. 

For all the e-educators, vloggers, podcasters, and musicians looking for the most versatile, authentic, and affordable audio enhancer must try this amazing tool once and this review will be helpful for you before you get started.

A Concise Overview of is an AI-powered video audio enhancer made for those who do not have access to professional sound recording instruments. 

By utilizing the ML (machine learning) algorithms, the tool differentiates between the primary voice and unnecessary noise elements in the background and removes them. 

This action will automatically clean the speech content in audio or video recordings. It is also capable of adjusting the voice pitch to make it pleasant to hear and consistent.

The tool offers the user the option to choose the type of content they are providing and their preferred kind of sound enhancement from a variety of options.

This feature makes this tool a perfect platform for the varying audio-enhancing requirements of vloggers, podcasters, interviewers, journalists, and e-educators. 

How to Use

The user is not required to sign up to use this audio enhancer online if they are using its free version. They will:

  1. Upload the recording to be enhanced in any of the formats (500MB and 5mnt. long)
  2. Select the “type of enhancement” and “type of content
  3. Click on “Enhance Media” and let the tool perform its magic!
audio enhancer

Defining Features of that Make the Tool Stand Out among the Rest 

This audio quality improver is an all-in-one kind of solution for the varying sound quality improvement requirements of users belonging to different professions. It enables the user to perform customized adjustments in their recordings as per their audience needs. 

Audio Quality Enhancement Options 

It is up to the user if they want to improve the overall sound quality, remove background noise, clean up speech content, or fix the voice pitch.  

voice enhancer
  • Removes Background Noise 

Removing all kinds of unnecessary sounds in an audio or video recording is one of the basic functions performed by this free audio enhancer tool. It is smart enough to differentiate between the primary voice and background sounds and remove them to make the original sound audible. Clearer, and refined. 

  • Fix Sound Loudness and Levels 

Adjusting the abrupt fluctuations in the primary voice creates a negative impact on listeners and makes them skip your audio or video is another specialty feature of this audio enhancer. It will clean your provided recordings from long empty gaps, and mike sound, and make the voice smooth and consistent throughout the file. 

  • Clean-Up Speech Content

Cleaning up spoken content in an audio or video file recorded with ordinary equipment and out of a sound-proof environment is effortlessly and efficiently performed by this sound enhancer. 

  • Overall Sound Quality Improvement 

If the user wants to remove background noise, clean spoken content, fixing voice loudness in a single attempt, they can go for the “overall sound quality improvement” feature offered by the tool. It will simply convert an ordinary sound into a professional-quality audio or video in a few seconds. 

Content Selection Feature 

The tool allows the user to choose the type of content they are providing the user and the preferred kind of sound quality enhancement as detailed above. 

For example, in a podcast, the user will need to remove background noise or clean the spoken content while in a meeting, participants might need to enhance their audio quality for clearer communication.

Support All Audio/Video File Formats 

To further make it easier for the users, the tool allows them to upload or accept media fields in any of the following formats:

Audio ehancer

Get Professional-Quality Sound with Audio Enhancer AI

If you are tired of investing in inefficient audio quality improver tools, it’s time to give a try. 

It is a well-reputed audio improver with customized sound enhancement features. It will make your audio or video recording polished, crystal-clear, and consistent with zero cost and effort. 


Besides its unmatched technical capabilities to improve sound quality, the tool also features a user-friendly interface. 

If you are using its free version, you will not have to sign up or submit any captchas. On the other hand, for premium users, signing in is required to unlock the premium features.


If you’re a professional user needing to regularly enhance sound quality, you have the option to purchase any of the following packages that best suit your needs:

Free Basic ($10/month)Pro ($45/month)Studio ($90/month)
5 minutes 60 minutes 300 minutes 900 minutes 
No Bulk Upload Process 3 files per input Process 5 files per inputProcess 10 files per input
File size allowed: 500MBFile size allowed: 2GB File size allowed: 2GBFile size allowed: 4GB
5 GB Cloud Space10 GB Cloud Space20 GB Cloud Space
Ads and captcha submission No Irritating Ads or captcha No Irritating Ads or captcha No Irritating Ads or captcha 


  • Free, efficient, and reliable 
  • Convert an ordinary voice into a high-quality sound 
  • Helpful in cleaning the spoken content in an audio or video file
  • Saves you from manual editing of the recordings 
  • A free and effortless way to enhance the sound quality of podcasts 
  • Offers customized sound quality enhancement 
  • Compatible with all image formats 


  • Does not offer integration with other devices 
  • Limited file size and duration in the free version 
  • Does not offer pre or post-enhancement adjustments such as cropping, etc. 


The above-detailed review of shows that it can be an ideal choice for effortless and professional-level sound quality improvement. 

Its content type selection, sound quality enhancement features, compatibility with all media file formats, and user-friendly interface are a few of its distinguishing features. 

Its versatility, affordability, and reliability make it beneficial for beginners in vlogging, podcasting, musicians, e-educators, journalists, and other users seeking to elevate their audio content.