Are All Personal Injury Lawyers the Same?

It’s not always that you’ll find an attorney who worked on a similar case as the last one. There’s a huge disparity between lawyers, which is perhaps the reason that you need to be on the lookout for an attorney who is best suited to meet your needs. 

Attorneys, and through a lettered system, will have a strategy through which they can easily make a case out of reading through the evidence provided, and handle the specifics surrounding your case. By its name, this is known as case specialization.

If you’ve been involved in a personal injury case, then you need to find an attorney who has the skills, experience and an unmatched track record that suggests they have settled many cases like yours successfully in the past. 

Before we get to the apple of discord, below are cases a personal injury attorney can handle. These include:

Car Accident Cases

Many a time, car accident cases are complex in nature. It could be a hit and run, or it could have stemmed from exceeding State speed limits, DUI, or distracted driving. Cases where trucks are involved are even more complex. 

Negligence on the part of the other motorist, when involved in a car crash, means that the other party might have to pay for the damages. While this might have to be determined by state laws, your attorney will timely advise you on the necessary steps to take.

Among other things, personal injury attorneys can be of great value in evaluating how your accident might affect you emotionally, determining the damages, and legally representing you to ensure you are rightfully compensated. 

Slip and Fall Cases

Slip and fall accidents usually happen on someone else’s premises or property. Whether it’s in your workplace, airport, grocery store, or a leased apartment, it could be within your rights to seek compensation for damages suffered as a result.

Slip and fall cases are predicted and predetermined by the fact or assumption that the premises owner acted irresponsibly in the maintenance of their premises. In such cases, a determination of whether you contributed to your injuries or whether you were oblivious to the risks involved will solely rest on your personal injury attorney’s arguments in a court of law.

Wrongful Death

If a victim dies from a personal injury, then the case will usually be termed as a wrongful death claim, which is also among the most complex personal injury cases. Different states have different statutes of limitations regarding such cases. If you are filing a claim on the same, ensure that you have all the evidence and tangible facts needed to support your claim and that you do it within the set time limitations.

Animal Attacks

The one-bite rule in most states stipulates that if an animal in your care harms someone, after showing aggressive behavior in the past, you could be held liable for their harm. This could mean taking care of the victim’s medical expenses, overall well-being, lost wages, and emotional support costs to mention but a few.

Negligence on the part of the animal’s keeper should warrant the court a reason to charge them for the damages caused. A proficient personal injury attorney will be knowledgeable in key areas to help determine liability, especially since animal attack laws may vary from one jurisdiction to the other.

The Duties of a Personal Injury Attorney

While being involved in your personal injury case will be your attorney’s prerogative, there are certain duties that your lawyer should or must perform. For starters, they need to provide important insights into your case as this might help simplify a few things. 

To be in the limelight, below are some duties of a personal injury attorney that you should be aware of.

  • Offering Professional Advice: The initial client/attorney meeting should highlight the key areas that could jeopardize the case outcome. Victims in personal injury cases should be open in sharing the critical details surrounding their cases.
  • A Thorough Investigation Process: Expedient personal injury attorneys should have the mechanisms or tools to assist in the initial case investigations. The analysis and results from such an expedition should be a gain on the victim’s part in helping them get the compensation owed to them.
  • A Simplified Legal Process: It’s best to go for an injury attorney who will, in detail, explain to you the legal processes involved from the word go and throughout your time with them. While it could take some time to comprehend some of the terms or the nature of your case, it’s always paramount to discuss the most important details as this could make or break a personal injury case.

What Sets Personal Injury Attorneys Apart from Other Lawyers

To answer the burning question, No… not all personal injury attorneys are the same! Striking differences exist in terms of experience, reliability, fees, track record, and much more. Some things that decorated injury lawyers may have in common include: 

1) A Proven Track Record

Having an attorney who’s represented dozens of cases and won most of them should be a clear indicator that they can fight for your rights. Obtaining a recovery in a personal injury case is no easy thing. Before hiring anyone for the job, check for testimonials as this could help lead you on the right path.

2) An Unparalleled Expertise

As earlier mentioned, personal injury law can be complex and this calls for dedicated attorneys with a vast understanding of personal injury law. Expertise in this field will offer an attorney some leverage in not only understanding how to handle your case but in fighting for the best compensation.

3) They Should Be Client Focused

An attorney who’s not directly interested in your case should not be hired for the job. As the victim, you have legal needs, queries, and concerns that must be addressed immediately. Do not hire a personal injury consultancy firm with a “one-size-fits-all policy”.

4) Honesty and Transparency

A resourceful team of personal injury attorneys will not only be honest about how they’ll handle business but also transparent about their charges, the challenges to expect, and the real value of settlement if you win the case. They’ll also ensure to keep open lines of communication, updating you every step of the way during your case.

Indeed, not all personal injury lawyers are equal or the same. An experienced, honest, and reputable attorney can increase your chances of getting compensated (or acquitted in case you’re the defendant) in a personal injury claim or lawsuit. Hopefully, the above few tips will help you make the right decision when choosing an injury lawyer. 

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