All About the Best Sports Based Movies in the World

Sports is not only a game or an activity. For sports lovers and for all those who love the stories of struggling people reaching their zenith in the world of sports, it is an emotion. And what better way to express your emotions than to watch your favorited sports match or game at the stadium or as in the case of this pandemic where the lockdowns have taken over the world now, watch movies or television series to do with the world of sports?

New to this field, but eager to explore? Fret not because this article will provide you with enough information to get straight into the genre of sports movies and once you get in, you will be ready to explore and watch more and more of sports based films, because obviously, you will never be able to get enough of the emotions, the action and the tear-jerking endings.

The following is a brief but rich carefully curated list of the best sports based movies, prepared in conjunction with, available for you to watch and admire:


Seabiscuit movie cover

This oddly named film will most definitely jerk your tear ducts and make you cry and cry as you watch till the end. Seabiscuit is the name of a horse which gets disqualified from the horse race, but ultimately comes back to the first rank, turning into an inspiration not for horses, but for humans. Seabiscuit is a story of achievement in the face of adversity and unending struggle. Coming back from the last place, Seabiscuit, with all the support of his friends, played by the likes of Jeff Bridges, Chris Cooper, Tobey Maguire, Elizabeth Banks and so on, leads on to a victorious ending with the audience in tears surely;

The Way Back

Directed by Gavin O’ Connor, The Way Back is an amazing story of addiction and second chances in the face of adversity and financial and psychological struggles. Ben Affleck is awesome in his stellar portrayal of a former basketball star turned high school basketball teacher who battles his own issues and tries to mentor his basketball team to victory and his own salvation. This movie keeps sports in the background all the time, but the psychological breakthrough is Affleck’s own;

I, Tonya

Another really amazing portrait of a famous yet tragic sports star, this amazing movie by director Craig Gillespie is a 2017 classic. With a splendid portrayal by Margot Robbie, this nerve wracking biographical film asks questions that the world of sports has been shying away from- were we unfair to the complicated figure skater named Tonya? Complex, glib, narcissistic, bittersweet and yet all human- was Tonya Harding really deserving of the punishment she got?

So, what are you waiting for now? You are stuck at home, with nothing to do anyway. Get on the internet and watch these sports films and be sure to remember how we told you before that sports films are not just movies, but emotions that give you the bittersweet feeling of a journey come to fruition.

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