Agnosticism: Divine Diplomacy

In a constant battle between the ones who worship God and ones who don’t, there is another group of people who sit back and watch the other two fight to choose between a rock and a hard place- the rock being the community of believers and the hard place being the community of non-believers.

While we have been familiar with the words atheist and theist, agnostic is a more unknown concept. So, who is an agnostic? Agnostics are those who believe that it is impossible to know whether there is any supreme power controlling the universe. Agnostics are not atheists. Atheists question the honour of the supreme Lord and even deny its existence. Atheism is the lack of belief in the existence of gods. Whereas on the other hand agnostics say that there is not sufficient evidence either for affirmation or for denial. Agnostics feel while spiritual things may exist, there is no conclusive evidence to be found in the material world for believing so.

Agnostics allow divine mystery to be molded in different aspects with respect to various contemporary cultures. When there is a discussion about spirits, there are some who believe that occasionally there is an interaction between the physical realm and the spiritual realm. But a person who looks for evidence in these discussions is an agnostic. If there is evidence supporting the existence of supernatural forces, the agnostic may change his belief system; otherwise he would remain an agnostic. An agnostic needs a convincing reason to adopt the particular belief system. So, he would swing between the two zones, trying to find evidence in support of the faith system.

Agnosticism involves uncertainty, discernment, and curiosity. Agnosticism revolves around the question- ‘What is beyond the infinite transcendence?’

Does an agnostic do whatever he please? What are his system of rights and wrongs?

A theist may not do something because he may feel his religion considers it a sin, but agnostic will not do it because his conscience won’t allow him to.

Atheists and theists are battling it out for ultimate divine supremacy, each side making haughty declarations as to whether or not God truly exists. As far as this battle is considered the answer is not simply black or white.

Agnostics are skeptical of those who say the answers to all the questions with regards to the universe and life.  They view both teams with equal derision- Not forming opinions and judgments about undeniable uncertainties.

‘I don’t know and you don’t know either. I would rather have my mind opened by the wonder of not knowing that one closed by a lack of belief or by a strong belief that refuses to acknowledge any other possibilities.’

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