A Guide to Recent Tech Innovations That Students Can Write Essays About

Tech Innovations.

The tech space is vast and full of innovations. In other words, students looking to write about tech innovations will have no shortage of topics to pick from.

However, this also makes it challenging to pick a topic for your essay. If you are confused about where to start or how to come up with a thesis statement, you might want to consider seeking help. Professional writers who can “write my research paper” from platforms such as Paper Writer  can help students through every step of the way until they create a compelling essay.

On the other hand, if you are hoping to tackle the essay on your own, here are some topics that might interest you.

1.   Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been prevalent for a few years now. However, since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a dramatic increase in its use. Cloud computing is considered the key to the transformation of business models. With advanced cloud infrastructure, many companies are considering re-platforming to the cloud.

Along with cloud computing, 5G is also being rolled out at a rapid pace. At the horizon is 6G, which can bring even more power to not only gadgets but also cars.

2.   Evolution of Gadgets

The advanced cloud infrastructure and computing power have also enabled tech developers to come up with smarter devices. We have to see the evolution of devices from walkmans to the floppy disk and to the latest nanotech, such as smartwatches and phones that can do much more than previous generations of devices.

From a non-touchscreen laptop, students are now using hybrid models laptops that are much more accessible and lightweight to carry around. We even have self-driving cards ad intelligent robots that work alongside humans. Students can explore different topics within this subject area and find a niche that’s best suited to their interests. In the future, we can be certain to see the continued momentum of this tech explosion.

3.   Development of Fintech

It has become critical for companies to find tools that support distributed workforces. This has led to the development of automated fintech processes. No matter where a company or individual is, today, they can send money to any part of the world – but the key is that global transfers are less time-consuming and cheaper compared to previous years.

Similarly, embedded financial technology has also continued to grow. Today, financial services are not only offered by traditional institutions such as banks. Instead, non-banking companies offer a variety of tech-related products, such as digital wallets, payments, and even lending. They cater not only to companies and businesses but also individuals.

4.   Blockchain Technology

Although cryptocurrencies have been around for more than a decade, it is still a relatively new asset class. Nevertheless, cryptocurrencies have dramatically altered not only the financial industry but other areas as well. For instance, Ethereum has made way for developers to use smart contracts to create decentralized applications.

Blockchain technology has also helped develop applications with use cases across different areas, including fintech, gaming, security, healthcare, and more. Furthermore, the cryptocurrency space is also evolving, which means that we can expect to see more advancements.

5.   NFTs

Another byproduct of blockchain technology is the non-fungible tokens. These are digital tokens that cannot be replicated. In other words, every NFT will be unique, and investors of NFTs will be able to prove their ownership of the item.

NFTs can represent virtually anything. However, it has helped alter the artistic landscape. NFTs offer artists a new way to access a wide audience and distribute their content. Today, you can buy tickets via NFTs and take part in concerts in the virtual world called the ‘metaverse’ – all without even having to step out of your room. Given the applications, it is evident that NFT is an asset class that is here to stay.

6.   Telehealth

Telehealth first emerged in the late 1960s. However, it wasn’t until the onset of the pandemic that healthcare providers started adopting video conferencing tools on a wide scale basis. Today, thanks to tech innovations, medical practitioners can offer virtual services across the internet to any corner of the world.

Moreover, access to telemedicine services has also helped many individuals cope with mental health services.

7.   Extended Reality

We now know that virtual and augmented reality can be accessed via our mobile devices. In the upcoming years, we are likely to see lighter and more portable VR devices. This means that instead of having huge headsets that require WIFi, we might be able to explore the virtual world with a pair of spectacles.

These extended reality advances can pave the way for more immersive experiences in the metaverse.

8.   Artificial Intelligence

Perhaps the most important tech innovation in writing an essay is artificial intelligence. Organizations and researchers are constantly working to improve the AI capabilities of their software. Devices these days now have the capability to recognize objects in a photo or on a video.

Another area where AI has been put to use is in language processing. Needless to say, machines can now understand our voice, take actions based on our instructions, and can also speak back to us.

And furthermore, there is no need to have advanced coding knowledge to play around with artificial intelligence. There are several programs that allow all individuals to develop applications without being limited by their coding knowledge.

How to Choose the Best Essay Topic

When choosing a topic for a tech essay, students should pick a topic that is not too wide. All the topics we mentioned above have a wide scope, so try to find out which specific niche you want to discuss. For instance, there are dozens of applications of artificial intelligence, and you can’t write an essay that covers everything.

So, narrow down the essay to one specific area that you find the most exciting. It would also be best to pick a tech subject that you are genuinely interested in, which will help you write an essay that is convincing and compelling.

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