A Guide To Buying And Using CBD For Treating Anxiety in Dogs

A  man giving CBD drops to a dog for anxiety treatment.

CBD has become a popular, affordable, and natural treatment for pets due to rising veterinary costs and drug side effects. Pet owners generally use it to calm their dogs’ anxiety. However, it is also used for pain, inflammation, arthritis, and seizures.

If you want to know some tips for choosing the best cbd for dog anxiety and how to administer it, here is the information.

It should have an updated Certificate of Analysis

The first thing to look for when buying cannabidiol oil for your pet is the COA or the Certificate of Analysis. It is an essential credential because all the necessary information regarding the product is mentioned on it, including the concentration of CBD and THC. Moreover, it states whether the oil is free from harmful microbes, pesticides, and heavy metals. Check that the COA on the company’s website is updated every year and is obtained from a reliable third-party lab.

Opt for a full-spectrum product

Full-spectrum CBD is the best for dogs with various health conditions. The oil is extracted from the hemp plant and contains cannabinoids. Therefore, it is the most potent type of oil, which also has long-lasting results compared to broad-spectrum and isolates.

For therapeutic purposes, only invest in cannabidiol oil

While it may take time to get used to your dog, do not take cannabidiol treats as an alternative. Treats and chews are processed using heat, reducing their potency and nutritional value significantly. Full-spectrum hemp oils are the most efficient products when you want to use them for resolving anxiety, arthritis, inflammation, seizures, etc. Moreover, you can have maximum control while giving the oil to your dog with the help of a dropper.


Determining the correct dosage of cannabidiol oil for your pet is essential because it might not give the best results when introduced in unmeasured dosages. You can check the product’s label if you want general information. However, you can contact a veterinarian for expert knowledge. If your canine suffers from other health problems, a doctor can recommend the proper dosage per your pet’s condition.

How to give it to your dog?

It can be administered in various ways, but three of the most popular methods that ensure rapid and maximum absorption are:

●      On the gums – Since the canine’s mucosal membranes directly absorb the compound, rubbing it on its gums maximizes the efficiency. It ensures less wastage and quick absorption into the bloodstream.

●      Mix with food – You can administer the product to your pet by mixing the oil in its favorite food. However, this method is comparatively less effective than the above one because the food must go through digestion and filtration before reaching the bloodstream.

●      Rub into ears – If you cannot give it to your pet orally, rubbing the oil into its ears will be your best bet. However, it is the least effective and slowest compared to the previous two methods. Apply the oil to your dog’s inner ear where there is no hair.


These are the factors to consider for the best CBD for dog anxiety. Make sure you check the certificate of analysis of the brand you are purchasing it from to know all the necessary information.

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