7 Surprising Facts about Braces

Most people think of braces as painful teeth straightening clips but they are more than that. A brace that helps you get a perfect and beautiful smile is full of exciting facts. Luckily, the dental world has plenty of amazing facts that can blow your mind.

Do you or someone in your circle wear braces? Whether it is a high end or cheap orthodontic braces, facts remain the same.

If you like to brag about your facts knowledge in front of your friends or colleagues, here are some braces facts for you.


Fact 1: NASA is responsible for making your smile perfect.

NASA originally developed the wire used in the brace for space programming. Nickel-titanium alloys make this wire very durable and flexible, which activates by body heat. They are great in maintaining their shape after bending for attaching to your teeth. So, be proud to wear braces.

Fact 2: Every orthodontist is a dentist but not all dentists are an orthodontist.

Feeling confused. Don’t be! Here is the explanation. Orthodontists are highly skilled and experts in prevention and modern oral treatment. There are additional two or three years of education from an accredited orthodontic residency program to become a certified orthodontist.

Fact 3: The history of braces is 300 years old.

The first set of braces was made in 1728. Back then, it had a metal tied with the patient’s teeth using a thread. Around 200 years ago, dentist Edward Angle revolutionized the braces to cure the major misalignment problem in the teeth. Hence, braces have a pretty ancient history.

Fact 4: Braces are available in ten different types

Most people think braces are all the same but, they are not. Based on the braces needs, they vary from one another. Only your Orthodontics can tell you which braces are perfect for your case. Invisalign is one of the best for people who don’t like to show their braces. Braces are very common and, each brace is different in providing desired results.

Fact 5: Time and Pressure is the real magic maker

Most people don’t understand why they have to wear braces for so long. It is simple. The real difference maker is the amount of time and pressure that you give to your braces for fixing your teeth. The longer you wear the better your teeth gets. Readjusting your teeth is a slow process and, if you try to break the rhythm, blood circulation might be blocked. So, when you want the best results, you need to spend a good amount of time to it.

Fact 6: Four million people wear braces

Wearing braces can sometimes make you feel lonely and self-conscious. However, there is no need to feel that way as you are not alone going through braces and related treatment. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, around four million people in America are wearing braces like you.

Fact 7: let’s blow some myths

Myths are all over. Even braces have some of the interesting myths. So why not to break them out? To make your bragging robust, here are a few popular myths. Braces never get in your way whether it’s kissing, playing mouth instruments, airport security or anything. Similarly, braces never interfere with radio signals.

Wrapping Up

The brace is certainly a wise decision for your oral health and looks. With a few days of struggle, you can get a forever beautiful smile. At the same time, braces are surprisingly interesting too. So, if you think braces are pretty cool and, you need one for fixing your crooked teeth, just ask Siri to search “dentist near me Indianapolis” and within seconds, you will get various good options near you.

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