7 Skills Every Online Bookkeeper Should Have

Being a competent online bookkeeper requires you to have more than being good with accounting and mathematics. It comprises of various soft and hard skills. If you’re serious about being an online bookkeeper, you need to work on many skills.

What is the difference between bookkeeping and accounting? Many people use these terms as synonyms. This article talks in detail about the difference between bookkeeping and accounting. Here, the sole focus will be online bookkeeping.

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What Skills Set You Apart From Average Online Bookkeepers?

Listing all skills for online bookkeepers will take some time. Instead, this article will focus on only listing critical skills an online bookkeeper must have to perform their job well. Here are seven vital skills to acquire as an online bookkeeper:

1. Amazing Data Entry And Basic Mathematics 

The first step to becoming a bookkeeper is to ramp up your data entry and mathematics skills. You must know how to use various pieces of software and accurately add data on time. As a bookkeeper, you will be responsible for entering a lot of numerical data. Although the software does most of the calculations, you need to still be aware of simple calculations and principles of bookkeeping.

You will have an easy time if you are good with numbers and can organize a series of transactions.

2. Communication

Whether you’re working with a small or a large organization, you need to communicate with the owner or staff of various departments. You, as a bookkeeper, need to be able to explain different information to other stakeholders. Sometimes, the people in other departments need your assistance in carrying out their operations.

Be comfortable with all forms of common communication mediums like email, phone, or video conference.

3. Tech Savviness

You won’t be working with basic calculations in today’s organizations. You need to be able to learn various types of software quickly to be able to perform efficiently. Start loving technology and embrace its power to help you finish things up quickly.

Some organizations may want you to use software like Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Zoom for communication. Aside from communication software, you also need to work with various cloud-based accounting tools like Freshbooks or Quickbooks. Saying no to technology means denying an opportunity in this era.

4. Organization Of Records

There is a need to finish works in time for tax return or VAT. You need to plan your tasks for months. Organizing your time and work will be vital, and it will be a determining factor for your career. Make sure you are OK to work with tight deadlines if you want to be an online bookkeeper.  

5. Attention To Details

Organizations or business owners expect you to keep track of all financial transactions. They don’t want to see even a single penny mistakenly placed or omitted in their accounting books. You need to monitor financial transactions, all while keeping both the company and government’s monetary policies in your head.

Many stakeholders will question your skills and integrity if you consistently miss out on essential details. Sometimes, you may even have to look back on past financial transactions to ensure every detail is accurately recorded on the company’s database.

6. Problem-Solving Skills

No software in this world will help you figure out every error in your accounting records. There will always be errors and misinformation in your files. As a bookkeeper, you must develop your logical and problem-solving skills.

If you see a problem in a transaction, you need to find the root cause of a problem. Identifying and reconciling the problem without changing any outcome is what you need to do as a bookkeeper.

7. View The Bigger Picture

Only focusing on minute details like a one-time employer expense won’t do much good for you as an online bookkeeper. Your employers will expect you to look at the bigger picture when performing the job. They won’t expect you to do a detailed financial analysis, but they expect some sort of analytical capacity from you.

When you record transactions and move the balance from one book to another, you need to consider its future consequences. Think about what will happen if something goes wrong or how it will impact the overall accounting outcome.

Final Thoughts

Online bookkeeping can be a great starting point for those looking to get their feet wet in a professional world. It has little barrier to entry, and you can quickly earn your living as an online bookkeeper.

If you’re committed to being an online bookkeeper, start acquiring the skills mentioned in this article. Are you ready to pursue a career as an online bookkeeper? 

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