7 Popular Items to Stock in your Homewares Store

A homeware store with variety of home stuff.

Owning a homewares store is very rewarding – you get to brighten people’s homes with things from your shop. If you’ve got a passion for creative interior design, a homeware store is a smart way to start a thriving business. However, it is crucial to regularly take stock of your inventory and add popular items.

Customers are more likely to purchase popular pieces because they may see them more often on magazines and social media. In this article, we’ll get you started with 7 popular articles that you should stock in your homewares store right away.

1. Handmade ceramics

Handmade ceramics and dinnerware are increasingly popular now, thanks to satisfying pottery videos on social media. Handmade items also have a personal touch to them, adding to their charm.

Reach out to potters and ceramic artists in your area to see if you can stock their items in your store. Not only will this help you support local businesses and create a cyclic economy, but will cut logistical costs.

If this business model works, you can also collaborate with local artists to create a range of ceramics exclusively for your store, increasing your appeal.

2. Candles and diffusers

A homeware store is incomplete without candles and diffusers. Not only do they elevate any room, but they can be statement pieces if used well. A room that smells good is very comforting.

Even if customers don’t come to your store to buy candles and diffusers, placing them in the right location can increase the possibility of a purchase. In addition to a dedicated aroma section, place candles and diffusers of different scents near the bedding section, bath section, and dinnerware section to give customers a pleasing, immersive experience. This is more likely to inspire them to buy a scent for their home.

3. Blankets, rugs, and pillows

Blankets, rugs, and pillows are popular centrepieces for living rooms and bedrooms. Experiment with different fabrics and textures when you stock rugs and pillows. Woven pillows are popular in the boho chic category.

Soft throw blankets and patterned rugs are eternal customer favorites. We recommend staging an area of your store with blankets and rugs to help customers visualise their dream rooms.

4. Jewellery organiser

Jewellery organisers are a must-have; they are likely to get sold and re-stocked often. Opt for statement pieces that would look great on the dressing table. Wood, ceramic, and stone are popular options today. You could also offer custom engraving services to add a personalised touch.

5. Coffee table and books

In the furniture section, stylish coffee tables are in trend this year. Since coffee tables occupy the centre of the living space, customers want something that stands out. Besides the simple rectangular options, stock tables with interesting designs and materials. Tables with stunning resin art are very popular. Succulent tables are also in the rage, and surprisingly easy to maintain (you can give clients a demo).

Don’t forget to stock a few coffee table books near the table section. Match the books to the style of the table to sell a cohesive lifestyle. Stocking books about nearby tourist attractions and history can also increase local appeal.

6. Lamps

Lamps, lampshades, and lighting fixtures are in vogue as more people opt for smaller lights around the home. Look for lampshades made of different materials so that you can cater to a wider audience. While stocking bulbs, make sure to buy energy-efficient options.

7. Eco-friendly products

Recognising your responsibility to the environment is an important part of running a business. Stocking eco-friendly products (across categories) in your store is a brilliant way to attract more business while staying sustainable.

Customers have been known to spend a few extra dollars if it means that their purchase makes a difference to the environment. Owning a sustainable store is also a selling point on its own – you are more likely to get repeat customers if they know that you source your products responsibly.

Recycled glassware, repurposed furniture, organic cotton/hemp bedding, wicker baskets, bamboo chairs, and jute bags are a few options that you can stock.

The bottom line

Stocking the right items in your store can make or break your business. Updating your inventory regularly creates a sense of anticipation and excitement among customers, leading to repeat sales and steady business. Pay attention to customer feedback to understand what they want, and stock away!

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