7 IFTTT Recipes for Small Business Owners

IFTTT is a fun, free tool that can automate repetitive tasks with an easy to use interface. IFTTT stands for “If this, then that.” It only takes a few minutes to automate different parts of your business.  If you’re a small business owner that does a lot of business online (or wants to), look to IFTTT to help you automate your processes.


New Orders via Text Message

Does your order system require you to log in or check your work email account? With IFTTT, you can turn any email into a text message. Just set your order system to copy triggers@ifttt.com and add your phone number. Before you know it, new orders will arrive by text message.  This is awesome if you have a mobile phone credit card reader – you can setup the transaction to process with an IFTTT, and email you the receipt.

IFTTT Recipe: Email to sms

Share New Blog Posts on Social Media

If you go through all the work to put together a new blog post, you should share it. Using the RSS channel along with the Facebook, Twitter, Buffer, or LinkedIn channels, you can send your new blog post right to your followers.

IFTTT Recipe: RSS to Twitter



Get News by Email

Are you an investment banker craving the newest news from the New York Times Dealbook? Are you a restaurant owner on the lookout for news on improved POS systems? Automate it! Just use the RSS channel with the email channel, or find specific sources already on IFTTT like the New York Times or BuzzFeed, and create your own news to email service.

IFTTT Recipe: Email me new article in section



Track Shipments by Email or SMS

Do you have vital business assets on the way via UPS? Do you have important documents on the way to a client on FedEx? Did you just send an important contract to a European colleague via DHL? Get every update instantly with the Boxoh channel and the email or SMS channel.

IFTTT Recipe: Automatic Shipment tracking



Share Your New Product with Your Facebook Fans

Are you an Etsy creator? Use the Etsy channel with the Facebook channel to tell everyone all about your newest creation.

IFTTT Recipe: etsy.com and facebook.com do it again...



Wish Customers a Happy Birthday

Sending automated birthday emails isn’t just for big companies. Set up a birthday calendar and send a note on Facebook or email when you want to share a birthday wish without any extra work. IFTTT Recipe: Wish people a happy birthday automatically.

Know the Weather

Do you run outdoor events or make deliveries. Know about the snow or rain ahead of time with automated weather reports using the weather and email or SMS channels.

IFTTT Recipe: Every day at 10:00 PM, send me an email about tomorrow's weather

Or, if you want to be bothered less often, just get the snow report.

IFTTT Recipe: Be ready for winter with this Recipe. Alerts you of snow a day in advance.



Thousands of Potential Time Savers

IFTTT has more than 70 channels with hundreds of triggers. I have just scratched the surface here. All that, and it’s all free!

What are your favorite IFTTT recipes? Please share in the comments.

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