7 Activities to Keep Children Busy at Home

The ongoing global pandemic has caused thousands of school campuses around the world to shut down. According to a report from the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), the lockdowns have completely closed schools for over 168 million children for almost an entire year.

During a lockdown, kids have to stay home for a predetermined period or until further notice. If your little ones are feeling bored, impatient or sad for being all cooped up, you could take steps to make these difficult times less stressful for them. You could, for instance, come up with activities that will keep them engaged.

7 Activities to Keep Children Busy at Home

Here are seven activities that you could consider while you and your children are staying at home:

1. Have Your Child Learn a Musical Instrument

Music offers many benefits to growing children. Taking up piano lessons, for instance, teaches patience and encourages self-expression. Music is a great way for kids to keep their minds and hands busy as they play the piano, strum the guitar or spend time on their chosen instrument.

You don’t necessarily have to hire a music instructor to come to your house and teach your kids. You could sign up for virtual or online music lessons. This way, your little ones can learn how to play an instrument safely.

2. Cook Something Healthy

Some children live playing in the kitchen and helping their parents make breakfast, lunch or dinner. If your little ones have nothing to do, consider asking for their assistance in preparing the next meal. Give them silicone or plastic utensils or bowls, so they can help do cooking tasks, such as:

  • Mash soft ingredients, such as bananas and hardboiled eggs
  • Wash veggies and fruits under cold, running water
  • Stir or scoop ingredients
  • Mix wet and dry ingredients

You could whip up healthy snacks or meals like carrot chips, low-carb pasta and veggie salad.

3. Come up with a Scavenger Hunt

Kids of all ages like a great scavenger hunt. This activity may appear like a challenging task at first glance, but you don’t have to hide special objects around the house or create elaborate clues.

Instead, make an open-ended scavenger hunt. You could, for example, prompt your children to find “something hard,” “something orange” or “something that you can find in the closet.”

4. Get Your Kids to Write a Special Letter

When your children miss the campus and interacting with their friends in person, they can start to feel sad and a bit socially isolated. If this is the case with your kids, encourage them to stay in touch with their friends and family members who are far away from them.

Instead of having them send an e-mail, ask them to write an old-fashioned letter. Make this activity feel extra special by giving them a stationery set, which can include stickers, crayons, colored pens or pencils, glitters and other items that will make their personal letter shine. Once they’re done, you can send these letters by snail mail to the intended recipient.

5. Give Your Children a Rubik’s Cube

If you have this toy lying around your house, consider giving this to your kids. Solving a Rubik’s Cube isn’t a walk in the park. Children playing with this toy for the first time will likely take hours before they can finish the puzzle.

Pro-tip: when your little ones become frustrated, don’t hesitate to give hints on how to solve the cube. They will eventually get the hang of it and conquer the square-shaped puzzle in no time.

6. Put up an Obstacle Course

Some kids like to roll, jump, crawl and climb. If you have energetic children in your home (and you’re living in a large house), set up an indoor obstacle course to help them engage their physical side.

You don’t need to buy expensive kid’s equipment to create this course. Just use everyday objects, such as cardboard boxes, to create opportunities for your little ones to go through, over, around and under obstacles.

7. Blow and Pop Bubbles

Blowing water bubbles is an enjoyable activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Head to your yard, garden or balcony and enjoy some bubbly fun with your little ones.

You can make your bubble solution with these three ingredients: a cup of dish soap, three cups of water and half a cup of corn syrup. Combine the water and corn syrup into a bowl. Then, mix in the dish soap gently.

Use bubble wands to create beautiful but temporary bubbles. If you don’t have these wands, see if you find an item that lets you create these bubbles. Straws, kitchen tools and toilet paper rolls are all good options.

Being cooped up at home because of the pandemic can take its toll. By trying out these seven at-home activities, your little ones will feel less stressed and make their time indoors as enjoyable as possible despite the circumstances.

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