6 Tips For Impressing Clients At Your Next Corporate Event

Impressing Clients

Professional Party Prowess

Clients expect to be catered for around the clock.

Calls, meetings and everything between and sometimes the relationship goes outside those working hours and needs. And that’s where the fun happens. If you’re used to impressing clients with powerpoints and gantt charts, but haven’t yet mastered corporate event planning, then listen up!

  1. Don’t confuse your market

Party events conjure up all kinds of thoughts and ideas, and a large portion of those may not be work-appropriate. The fact is, when it’s a corporate event, it’s hard to know what’s allowed and what isn’t.

Not all offices are the same, and if they are your clients then you obviously know what they are about and what you can get away with. Keeping it appropriate and fun doesn’t have to be hard, finding a photo booth hire in Sydney is a great addition to any event.

  1. Maintain balance of work and play

It’s easy to get swept up in party mode, but remember that, at its core, this is a corporate function. Work out those barriers with your team early, because no one wants to be cutting off your client’s CEO at 6:30pm or hearing about your interns asking your pregnant contact for a lighter. Keep it short at sweet, entertaining for no longer than 8:30pm and have your team briefed on what’s on and what’s not.

  1. Catering

Food is a key talking point post event and, unfortunately, it can make or break your event. Creating a menu that is both delicious and appropriate for clients can be a challenge, but when you nail it – you’ll know! You want something that won’t remind them of the boardroom, so avoid sandwiches, muffins and anything in a Styrofoam cup. Shabby chic is always a nice approach, it will give you the host an edge, and it’s as simple as giving street food a gourmet twist.

  1. Theming

Think high-end gala meets work Christmas party. You want to be on trend, so don’t be afraid to have fun with your theming! Spell your brand with event letters or deck out the bar or space in your company colours – you want the space to be an environment where people want to post to social media but that they also know this is a corporate event.

  1. Take away tokens

Who doesn’t love merch? Fortunately for everyone, branded merchandise has come along way since the old fridge magnet or calendar. Use something with an edge that you know they will use, like bottle openers or USB sticks. Take away tokens are always a good way to keep your brand at the forefront of their mind, and remind them of that cracker event!

  1. What next?

So, after the event – then what? Well, if it goes off without the hitch, maybe you can make it an annual soiree. If that’s not possible, keep that work and play vibe going by inviting them for a drink every now and then on a Friday, or drop off coffees on a Monday morning. You foster the relationship you have, so decide what kind of stake these clients have, and how you can continue to impress.

Remember that the idea of these corporate events is to strengthen relationships and to have fun! While it’s probably a good idea to actually overthink the event, make sure that when it’s in full swing you are in the moment and hosting an event that your clients will love.

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