6 Things You Should Know Before You Move to New York for Work or Business

Whether you have just landed a great position or thought about relocating in search of greener pastures, there are some things you have to get ready before you go to New York City. NYC can be a tough city. It’s also a place that attracts the best and brightest and is pretty much the epicenter of the global business world. 

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New York can also take time to adjust to, especially if you don’t come from a major East Coast city. However, it’s also one of the best places to be if you have what it takes and are ready to take on a challenge. Here are some of the things you should know before relocating to New York for work or business.

Salaries Match the Cost of Living

While salaries are much higher in New York, you also have to take the cost of living into consideration. So, when considering positions, always make sure that you keep the cost of living in mind. If you’re working in a tech-related field, however, you will be in very high demand and will be able to live comfortably in New York.

The Housing Market is Tough, but Not Impossible

People often think that finding a great apartment in New York is either impossible or out of anyone’s reach. However, this isn’t always the case. It’s also about where you look. Thanks to technology, the market trends in New York can now be accessed online. Then there’s the very real risk of getting swindled out of your money. This is a scam that is rather common in New York but can be avoided when you work with the right people.

For instance, reputable furnished apartment providers are a great option if you want to find a great spot to live in right from the minute you get there and don’t want to worry about running all around town talking to shady landlords. Companies like Blueground, for instance, have many great NYC furnished apartments in some of the best parts of town. Their apartments are fully furnished and located in buildings that offer some great amenities such as laundry rooms, a doorman, and gyms, among other things. They’re the best choice for people who are trying to get acclimated and feel right at home. 

Be Ready to Work Long Hours

They always say that New York is the city that never sleeps, and the workers surely don’t seem like they do either. Don’t be surprised if you hear your colleges say they have to work a shift after work. While some do it just to stay afloat, others do it so they can live comfortably. While it’s always your choice, chances are you’ll be tempted to complement your income once you come to the city.

Happy Hours are a Blast

If you love a nice happy hour after work with your colleagues, clients, or employees, then New York is the place to be. Being in the entertainment Mecca of the world, you’ll have no trouble finding something fun to do with your work buddies. Whether it’s rooftop shindigs, supper clubs, or a nice terrace on a hot summer day, you’ll be spoilt for options in New York City.

Childcare is Expensive

If you have a large family and have to rely on childcare, be ready to pay in New York. This is especially a challenge if you’re a single parent. The rate of single mothers working in the city is one of the lowest in the country mainly for this reason. So, before you move, we suggest you take a look at childcare costs and if you’ll be able to actually afford them.

New York City is Patterning Itself After Silicon Valley

New York has always been at the forefront of innovation, and the city is doing everything in its power to modernize itself and become a hub for tech entrepreneurs. Places like Long Island City, for instance, are trying to attract tech firms and will become a major center for tech research on the east coast. So, if you’re in this field, or thinking of branching off to do your own thing later, New York is definitely the place to be. 

Businesses in the city are also trying to adopt some of Silicon Valley’s corporate culture as well, with more emphasis on employee wellness, less strict dress codes, and benefits. So, this is the best time to be a tech worker in New York City.


New York is a city full of opportunities for those who are up for it. It’s also a very competitive place that can bring the worst or best out of a person, depending on their disposition. Make sure that you consider these few factors before you make the move if you want to survive and thrive in this great city.

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