6 Natural Supplements to Boost Your Productivity

It’s time to put that third cup of coffee down and really take a look at what you’re doing to help boost your productivity. While you may be doing some external things like making to-do lists and practicing the Pomodoro Technique, there are some internal ways you can boost your productivity. 

By adding these necessary natural supplements into your diet, you can improve your cognitive function to increase your attention span, stay focused, and improve your productivity. 

Increase productivty


Adding vitamin D3 to your diet will help boost your concentration levels and improve your nerve function, essential for the neurotransmitters firing back and forth to your brain. 

A surprisingly large number of people have very low vitamin D3 levels. Don’t be one of them and add this to your daily diet. 

Panax Ginseng

This holistic medicine is popular in the East. It’s also referred to as “Asian Ginseng.” Panax ginseng helps to increase blood flow, essential for brain function and heart health. It will also keep your concentration stable and stop it from lowering as the day goes on. 

Gingko Biloba

This herbal supplement is best taken in its liquid form. It’s an awesome anti-inflammatory that improves blood circulation, which improves brain function, and lowers oxidative stress. 

Just a drop of this on your tongue and you’re destined for a focused and productive workday. 


The B vitamins are critical for anyone who wants to boost their productivity and live a healthy lifestyle. B-12 is an essential vitamin for this. It will give you more energy, improve your memory, and keep you more alert. 

Studies have shown that people with low levels of B-12 actually have lower learning capabilities than those with higher levels of the vitamin. 

Omega 3

In today’s diet culture, we tend to stay away from fats. However, some of these fats like Omega 3 are extremely beneficial to our productivity and bodily function. 

Omega 3 is great for heart and liver health as it improves blood function and adds more oxygen to it. It also increases your attention span, allowing you to focus better on the tasks at hand. 


Magnesium actually works directly with B vitamins as it helps them process within the body. Found in nuts and dark chocolate, magnesium helps to regulate your blood sugar, improve healthy bone mass, and even relieves stress. 


If you’re reading this article, there’s a high chance you have an entrepreneurial spirit that enjoys being productive and creating things. Offering natural supplements to improve productivity and brain function is a great idea for a business. 

You can create a subscription service and have these vitamins delivered to your customers in unique packaging – remember it’s all about the experience

Don’t take our word for it. Work with a pharmaceutical market research company to validate the idea and see how you can work your way into the market. 

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