6 Great Degrees for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur degrees

While you don’t have to go to school in order to be an entrepreneur, a degree in this field can be invaluable. The right education can help you to focus on your passion and also build up the necessary skills to start up your own business. If you’re considering this career choice and earning a degree, here are some of the majors that you may want to consider.

1. Computer Science

Since almost all businesses today require technology, computer science is a valuable skill. From building a website to the more technical aspects of computers, software engineers are in high demand. You’ll learn computer programming and web development with this major and gain a greater understanding of how technology can be used in a business.

2. Human Resources

This is a great program that will help you gain a better understanding of both people and businesses. With this degree, you’ll understand the role that human resources play in today’s organizations. From hiring employees to motivating them, you’ll gain a wide range of skills that will help you start and run a business. Many people who have busy schedule will study HR Management online or, if they already have a degree, earn an MS in Human Resource Management. You can choose both an undergraduate or graduate degree in this field.

3. Marketing

Marketing is an art form. Marketing campaigns are designed to get people to spend money and push brand awareness into your everyday thoughts. If you want to be successful with your startup, then it may be helpful to gain a greater understanding of marketing. It’s necessary to grow your brand and your business to success.

4. Law

Law has always been considered one of the best degrees for business. It’s valued because it provides a wide range of skills and knowledge. When you start a business, you’ll realize the importance of understanding the legality of every task you take on. Since businesses are often the target of lawsuits, you’ll benefit from having some expertise in corporate law. You’ll also have to handle government regulations which are better understood with a law background.

5. Media

It’s surprising to many that this degree is beneficial for entrepreneurs but media is a major force in all of our lives. With the business world going through rapid changes in recent years, all entrepreneurs need to have an understanding of media. Social media, for example, is necessary to promote a business, and traditional media outlets are also viable.

6. Business

This last major is probably the one an entrepreneur would think of first. While it’s not the only option available, a degree in business or entrepreneurship will provide you with valuable information and the skills needed to start a business. They will give you the right marketing, finance, leadership and accounting skills to get started. If you want to go further with an advanced degree, a Master’s in Accountancy is always a solid choice.

These six degrees are a wide range of options available for entrepreneurs. You may lean towards one based on the type of business you plan to open, or your personal interest and skill set needs. All of these options can benefit your startup.

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