5 Ways to Sell Business Real Estate in 2020

If you are selling your commercial property, and there are so many different reasons why you might be doing this. It could be that you are upsizing or downsizing due to expansion or a change like the business? One good example of this is shops looking to move out of town to retail parks. But whatever the reason it’s good to know that are various ways to sell these days, and the more options you have the better chance you have of making that sale sooner rather than later.

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The Traditional Route

Firstly, it would be daft to talk about selling your property or land and ignore the fact that there has been a system for doing this for generations. You pick a Realtor and assign them to the task of selling your home, a good one will have a steady reputation and will attract queries based solely on their reputation. They may also even know of clients looking for types of properties that may match up with yours, this is particularly true of commercial property.

Online Real Estate Firms

Anything that can be done in the real can, and is, being done online these days and real estate is no different. You can exclusively do this online with many realtors saving on office space and being cheaper as a result. You can even sell without a realtor but be aware that many buyers may be wary and this means a longer period before selling usually.

Property Buying Firms

If you are struggling with cash-flow and need to make a quick sale then there are places where you can get a quick offer, sale and have the cash in your account in a very swift manner. WeBuyCLE is one we’ve heard very good things about.

Sell at Auction

Many entrepreneurs invest in property and one of the main ways of sourcing these are to check out property auctions. So it stands to reason that putting your property in one of these will give it a good chance to sell, and you at least know the date when this will happen. It’s important to research the auctioneers, visit one of their auctions to see what the crowd is like and if properties tend to sell above or below market value.

Part- Exchange

Properties are available on a part exchange basis these days, you may have thought this is only available to those looking to move into houses from a building contractor. This is largely true although we are hearing rumors and rumblings in the industry that several major commercial property players are considering offering similar schemes for commercial property owners. This makes perfect sense as if they are building an industrial estate full of new units then they want to attract new businesses and if they offer part exchange then they are also acquiring new land to build on as well at the same time. It’s not a certainty this will be happening but watch this space.

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