5 Fundraising Ideas for Political Campaign Managers

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If you’re about to launch a political fundraising campaign or are looking for some new ideas, this article is specifically for you. 

Raising funds throughout any political campaign can be a challenge. Even the big public figures in the Democrat and Republican parties must work tirelessly to get voters to dip into their pockets and support the cause at hand. After all, there’s no guarantee in modern-day politics, so you need to keep donors happy if you want them to stay on your side. 

In this blog post, there’s a total of 5 fundraising ideas (that actually work) for campaign managers to sink their teeth into. 

  1. Send Texts to Donors

First of all, you need to send lots of texts to doners (and potential doners) by using SMS marketing software

SMS marketing software will enable you to:

  • Surpass your original fundraising targets
  • Reach new audiences
  • Build your phone number database
  • Track your campaigns (how many people opened your text messages, how many people donated, etc.) 
  • Save time and hassle
  • Compete with rival parties

When you send fundraising texts, make sure to clearly state the donation amounts that you accept. Also, embed links to your social media pages and website at the bottom of your SMS messages. 

  1. Promote Your Website

Many political donations are now done online – specifically, through party and organization websites. 

Therefore, if you don’t already, you need to create and promote your campaign website. Your website must be mobile-friendly, too – otherwise, you’re going to turn away a lot of potential donors

What should my campaign website include? 

Here is a concise list of essentials that you need to include on your website: 

  • A welcome video or animation that details your cause and why you need support 
  • A donation form that people can submit digitally or print and send via post
  • A calendar that details your upcoming events 
  • A progress chart detailing how far away you are from your targets
  • Links to your social media pages
  • A disclaimer 
  • Contact details (phone number, email) 
  • A merchandise store 

Once your website is nailed down, then half of the battle is won. 

  1. Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Due to the power of the internet, SEO marketing matters a lot to campaign marketing. 

Therefore, it’s a smart idea to hire an SEO specialist to create articles, blogs, Q&As, and other similar content that will help to tilt the algorithms in your favor and boost your campaign website up the search engine results. 

Make sure to remember that your SEO content should be based on what voters and donors want to read. For example, you should address important political questions and issues and write guides that detail how easy it is to donate to donate to your party.  

  1. Call Donors Directly

Moving on, you and your team should call donors directly. Putting in the hours on the phone allows a friendly voice to be attached to your fundraising cause rather than a digital advertisement. 

Also, when you call repeat donors, you should stress how valued they are by your party and its candidates.  

  1. Host Exciting Fundraising Events

Last but not least, make sure to host exciting fundraising events (in-person or virtually). Nothing is better than face-to-face contact, though, especially after the struggle of the past couple of years. 

At in-person fundraising events, you can strengthen your bond with existing donors as well as start to network with potential new donors. If your values and ideas are presented well to the audiences, your donations will likely go through the roof. 

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