5 Tips To Use Social Media to Supplement Your Monthly Income 

Social media popularity has become an important tool for making money. Anyone can make a page on Facebook or Instagram, but only some of them know how to use it to their advantage and make money.

If you know some easy tips and tricks, you can start earning money through your social media page in a very short time. Here is all you need to know!

Create an OnlyFans Account

Want to share your creative personality and ideas with the world? An account on OnlyFans is a great way to do that. You can share all kinds of content on your profile and get views from your crowds of avid followers.

You can make money based on ads and the number of views you get on every post. There is also an option to share paid content. You can set charges for any paid content you put out. If you have a strong fanbase, they will pay to see what you have shared.

Some of the top free OnlyFans profiles make thousands of dollars per post. A new OnlyFans account can make you between $50,000 to $100,000 a year. But if your popularity and demand increase, you will be making this money monthly. You can use OnlyFinder to browse and check some of the most successful Only Fans profiles and steal some ideas. 

Monetize Your Existing Social Media Page

If you want to start earning money using social media, the first thing you do is to make your account public. It will provide you with many options and increase the number of your followers. 

You will also be able to promote your posts to reach a larger audience. Plus, you will be able to select your page’s niches like beauty, fashion, sports, education, and more. 

With a couple of dollars, you can promote your post for a week, and your content will reach thousands of people. Even if a hundred people respond to your promoted posts, it will be a great start. Also, make sure to use many social media channels so you can report your content and engage as many people as possible. Different platforms have different age groups and different types of audiences, so make sure you are using the right social media channel for the target group. 

Writing a compelling but short introduction to your page is a great resource. Also, share your website’s link or a call to action(CTA) on the profile, so people know what to do once they are on your page. 

If you have built a strong social media page and shared enough content, you can benefit a lot from promoting your posts to the target audience. 


You cannot just share one great post and expect your followers to follow your page. You need to provide them with valuable content again and again. So post content consistently and try to engage the audience in comments or through polls and questions.

This is why large brands prepare a marketing strategy to keep their viewers engaged constantly with daily or biweekly social media posts along with emails, text messages, and more.

The purpose is to remind people to come to their page, interact, and maybe buy your services, which will make you money. The internet is such a crowded space these days, that you should be constanyl present and posting fresh and interesting conten for your followers. Make sure to read more on what grasps and keeps their attention, like short engaging videos and Q&A sessions.

In any case, the most important thing to remember is always share honest reviews and thoughts. If you are marketing a product or service, make sure you genuinely believe it is good and you have tried it yourself. Mistakes are fatal in the social media world where many people are trying to become influencers and monetize their profiles. 

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Sponsored Posts

Once you have built a strong social media presence, you can start getting collaboration offers from different companies. As the number of views increases, so will your popularity and potential offers.

If the brand meets your values and theme, then you can do a sponsored post. For instance, you will talk about a new product that a company has launched, give its review and encourage people to buy it.

These companies will pay you for the sponsored post, and in return, their product will be advertised to more and more audiences. Companies will also generate discount codes for your audience in your name. This will increase their sales and you can earn by people using your link to shop.

Use Trending Issues to Increase Sales

If you want to increase sales of the services you are providing, align your posts with trending and current issues. You will be able to reach the majority of people by using popular hashtags. 

For instance, take a popular meme or light-hearted and funny political drama to market your product. It will make people laugh, making them inclined to buy this product. 

This also gives you a bigger chance that your post will reach the explore page of Instagram, where the maximum number of people will see your content. As a result, your views will soar, and many people will buy your services.

This is a marketing strategy that many social media users employ to get more followers and enhance their sales which will eventually make them more money.

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Give It A Go!

Monetizing your existing social media page, using trending issues, remarketing, and sponsored posts are some of the tried and tested tips to make money on social media. Many successful companies have benefited from them, and new social media users are also using them to build a strong internet presence.

But the primary key to success, in this case, is consistency. If you constantly put out quality content, only then you will be able to run a thriving social media page that will earn you some money.

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