5 Tips for Boosting Energy on a Long Workday

Boosting Energy

No matter how much you love your job, there is no denying that somedays it can be hard to get out of bed, and there is no worse feeling than spending an entire day at the office while you are feeling sluggish and too tired to be productive. Some people have no problem arriving at work and staying motivated in the early morning, but find themselves in a slump after lunch. If you find that you are often tired at work and it is affecting your performance, you are not alone; many Americans in the workforce share this struggle. The good news is that there are measures you can take to reenergize and stay motivated during the workday. 

Here are 5 easy ways you can fight exhaustion and remain productive during a long day at the office. 

Get Outside 

Getting fresh air is one of the best ways to wake yourself up and feel more refreshed and alert. If you are able to walk to work, doing so is a great way to get your day off to a good and productive start, as exercising is proven to increase energy levels and alertness, as is spending time outside. If you are unable to walk to work, taking the time to step outside for a few minutes every hour or after every task or project you finish during the day is a great way to give yourself a break and experience some fresh air. 

Stay Moving 

Staying on your feet and on the move will help wake your body up and prevent feelings of sluggishness from creeping in throughout the day. Ask your employer if you can get a standing desk, which would give you a  break from the monotony of working at your desk and keep your productivity levels up.

Schedule Caffeine Breaks 

While coffee is a good way to keep yourself feeling awake and alert and is a workplace staple for many, drinking several cups of coffee back to back is unlikely to have positive effects on your productivity levels, and will likely leave you feeling unsettled and sluggish once the caffeine wears off. Try drinking a cup of coffee when you first arrive at work, then a few hours later, then right after lunch. Spacing out the caffeine you are consuming will allow it to have its maximum effects on your body without leaving you with any unpleasant feelings.

Take Vitamins

Vitamin or nutrient deficiency is one of the leading causes of feelings of exhaustion or sluggishness in adults. If you find yourself too tired to be at work regardless of how much sleep you got the night before or how much coffee you are drinking each morning, try getting into the habit of taking vitamins like vitamin B, which is shown to have energizing effects. Clinics like The Institute of Natural Health offer Vitamin B12  injections, which give your body the nutrients it needs all at once and without the hassle of remembering to take a daily vitamin. Visit inhstl.com for more information. 

Stay Hydrated

The most common symptoms of dehydration are exhaustion and fatigue. To prevent this from interfering with your workday, be sure you are drinking the recommended daily amount of water; this is about 15.5 cups for men and 11.5 cups for women. Bring a personal water bottle to the office to make hydrating throughout the day easier.

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