5 Things to Take into Consideration as an American Expatriate



Everyone enjoys exploring the world and stepping out of their comfort zone for their career. If you have done so as an American and settled around in the country you are working in, certain important factors need to be considered. When discussing life and career away from the U.S, several Americans said that they do end up liking settling abroad, in a country like Spain.

But, life as an American Expatriate is not as easy as it seems. It does come with its fair share of complications and downplay that many likely don’t sign up for. 

Here, we will focus on some essential tips that can help you in the future about living as an American Expatriate.

1. Familiarize Yourself With the Tax System

Forget about everything else, but the first thing you need to consider as an American expatriate is a US expat tax service. It is incredibly vital and can’t be missed out on. The United States is likely the only country in the world that requires American to file their U.S. taxes even while they live and work abroad. So, filling out your tax return on time is extremely important, especially if you don’t want to have late filing penalties.

2. Know about the Bilateral Social Security Arrangements

Reports from the US International Social Security Agreements suggest that there are a few countries under the bilateral social security agreements wherein the expat has to pay only one social security taxes of either of the countries. Some of the countries under this agreement include Italy, Germany, Canada, Spain, France, UK, Chile and Japan. But, then again, the exact regulations will vary on the mode of employment and the essential territorial rules.

3. Acquire a Driver’s License in the Destination Country

If you want to drive around in the destination country, sitting for a driver’s license exam is necessary. In that case, you wouldn’t be able to use the American driver’s license to get you around. In case the country you are in doesn’t accept the U.S driver’s license, you have to apply for a local driver’s license to drive around the roads. It is also crucial because the traffic and driving rules in the country you are in can be different from those in the United States.

4. Know about International Health Insurance

Much like your tax system, being aware of the International Health Insurance system is equally important. The domestic health insurance plan that you likely used in the U.S might not work in other countries. So, getting global medical coverage is extremely important. Getting international health insurance helps provide the expats with a direct pay medical network, so you don’t have to make the extra expenses out of your pocket. If you frequently travel back to the U.S, get the medical coverage that includes America under it as well.

5. Have Foreign Bank Account Reports

In case the balance in your foreign bank accounts exceeds $10,000, the expat will have to report their foreign bank account reports accordingly. In case you are confused about how all of this pan out, it is crucial that you talk to a financial consultant in the destination country to understand things better.


As an American expatriate, there are quite a few essential things that one needs to keep a check on. While the experience might be very riveting and exciting from the get-go, you must keep these basic pointers in mind before deciding your plans.

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