5 Things Entrepreneurs Are Not Telling You In 2020

You always hear of them in the news. Look at the last projects of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or Mark Zuckerberg. Do they know something we don’t? What if we could reach our best version with five principles? Although not everyone will become a business rock star, it will bring much more success than any other method. Here are five facts that will get you closer to that ideal.


They value their time more than their money

Entrepreneurs keep organized and informed. They don’t mind spending money on education if that helps them avoid future mistakes. In essence, successful people invest to save time and create wealth. They learn from other’s mistakes to progress faster. If they hear of a dinar recap update, they make sure to be informed. Knowledge is power when used at the right time.

Entrepreneurs keep the value of their time high. They don’t do $10 an hour jobs. They outsource everything as long as someone else can do it. It may look contradictory, but successful people prefer simple lifestyles. Because success creates opportunities, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important. Problems grow as complexity does.

The better you manage your time, the better it will be. You will prevent problems instead of reacting to them. You are always prepared for uncertainty. Having a vision allows making decisions with confidence.

They dominate, not compete

It’s hard to learn from success because it shows you the event, not the process behind it. When looking at these people, it may look like they work less or got lucky. Now, people give others money to satisfy a need. It could be entertainment, inspiration, technology, or information. The bigger the problem you solve, the more millions you can make. But what happens when other’s have already solved the problem? Should you come in and make a product twenty percent better?

Like most people, clients won’t buy from another brand if their problem is already solved. Unless it’s three or eight times better, they won’t show interest. Because of it, entrepreneurs only work on niches they can dominate. They do what their competitors won’t do. That includes both product creation and marketing.

What if you had the best product in the market? It may be hard to believe, but you don’t need a huge budget to outcompete others. You can invest more time and energy in customer support, content curation, customization, or cold-calling. Make it so different that you become the only viable solution.

They focus on acquisition, not customer satisfaction

Everybody knows customers need satisfaction. Otherwise, people wouldn’t buy the product. If you acquire customers, however, it’s a sign your customers are satisfied. Start with an excellent product; focus on getting sales instead. Imagine if you surveyed the people who didn’t buy from you. How long were you here? Did you see the optional products? Have you received a proposal?

People don’t reject offers because they feel offended, but because they didn’t receive the right information. We are assuming you have a great product and target your audience. With an exit survey, you learn about the real issues people have.

Be omnipresent

One of the best tactics is to increase visibility. Of course, you can build a profitable business with a few hundred clients. What happens to the other buyers who don’t know you? If there are seven billion people on the planet today, your target audience may be bigger than you thought. Wouldn’t they deserve to meet your brand as well? That requires us to be more visible and known.

Omnipresent entrepreneurs always dominate their sector. However, you cannot follow this principle unless you think long term on your brand.

Once they succeed, they start a new project immediately

All business models follow a sequence. It grows exponentially, reaches its potential, and falls after a few years. If we use this pattern, we cannot create lasting wealth. After you reach success, it’s only a matter of time until it ends. Unless you innovate, the business will stop working. Innovation may take time and money but can save your company.

Suppose you succeed in your plan today. Should we celebrate and relax? Now is the best time to innovate. It will reset the sequence and start a new exponential curve.

Use your profits as a resource to invest wisely in your future. Apart from celebrating your victories, this approach is vital to create lasting wealth.

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