5 Realistic Ways to Fund Your Business

If you have taken the plunge and decided to launch your own business, it’s important that you work out your finances beforehand to ensure you have enough funds to turn your idea into a successful business venture. If you’re struggling for cash, there are various avenues that you can go down to get your idea off the ground. Here are five realistic ways to fund your business, helping you to raise the cash needed to launch your company.

Business funds

Friends and Family

When it comes to running a business, many people turn to their friends and family to borrow money. While you may find it more difficult to convince banks or investors of the quality of your business idea, your friends and family are more likely to believe in your passion and dream. If you decide to go to your nearest and dearest for loans, it’s best to ensure that each of you receives useful legal advice.

Small Business Loans

There are some banks that provide loans to small companies, but banks tend to be careful about giving money to small businesses, so it’s important that you’re well prepared for the application process. Getting all your documents in order before applying should be your first port of call to ensure that the bank takes you seriously, which will increase the chances of you securing a loan. 

Business Line of Credit

Another route that you can go down is a business line of credit. Unlike a business loan that will provide you with a large amount of money upfront, a business line of credit from AdvancePoint Capital is much more flexible. They are comparable to a business credit card in the sense that you will have a pool of cash that you can dip into as and when you need it. If you are interested in a business line of credit, you need to be aware that your business will need to have been established for at least six months.


One of the most common ways to get a company off the ground is through bootstrapping. This means that you will use your own money to run your company. The funds may come from mortgages, credit cards, or personal savings. To help you know where you financially stand, you should get a free credit report card, which can help you work out the interest rate you will get on loans.


If you are passionate about your business idea and you’re great at social media, why not look into crowdfunding? There are several websites such as Kickstarter that you can use to spread awareness of your brand and let consumers know how much money you need and why you need it to get your business venture off the ground. 

When you have come up with a great business venture, it’s only natural that you will want your company to become the success you envisaged, however, if you don’t have the cash to back up your ideas, it’s likely that you won’t get past the first hurdle, therefore, taking all the tips listed on board can help you get the funds you need to run your business.

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