5 Mistakes to Avoid as a Freelancer

Freelancer mistakes


Although liberating, when it is going well freelance work has a downside and freelancing in the technological and computer industries has additional pitfalls to consider. However, with a little inside know-how and good preparation it is possible to pre-empt some of the situations that might occur and get into a pattern of working that allows you to avoid any mishaps.


Know your own abilities and work speed as you need to give yourself enough time to deliver high quality results for clients. Try not to take on more than you can handle, even though it may be tempting. This is a common mistake made by freelancers who risk leaving a job unfinished or producing one of poor quality and, even worse, losing good customers who won’t come back if a job is not up to standard. Assess how much time you will need for a project and be realistic.


The software and computer industries move ahead at a dizzying pace so freelancers in this area must ensure they are always on top of their game and don’t let their skills slip behind the rest. Therefore, even though the inclination is to keep working at all costs, it is in your interest to take a step back on a regular basis to hone your skills or learn new ones. There are lots of sites like Udacity and Udemy where you can quickly pick up new skills, some of them for free.


It’s amazing how many freelancers don’t check the client’s requirements more carefully. They often second guess what an order is about instead of getting feedback if there is any ambiguity in a project brief. Really checking what the customer wants will ensure an excellent job and a happy client, and most clients will very much appreciate the attention to detail.


It’s important to develop a suitable methodology to ensure you pitch your services at the right level and don’t undersell yourself; a common error made by many freelancers. Neither do you want to price yourself out of the market, so check around and get a sense of what others are charging and you will soon become adept at knowing what the right price level should be.


There are multiple opportunities for work to be lost, files corrupted and equipment to be damaged, therefore the savvy freelancer needs to ensure they have stringent back up equipment such as a suite of tools developed by Mac to prevent this from happening.

To summarise, even though you are working for yourself it is necessary to adopt a professional attitude and plan and prepare for each project. By ensuring you are constantly updating and upskilling (as you would if you worked for an employer) you will be guaranteed a successful freelance career and a great reputation with customers!

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