5 Key Features to Look for in a Commercial Property Management Program

Commercial property management software is not just another program to use at the office like a spreadsheet editor. It will very much form a core aspect of your real estate business. Property management software streamlines most of the tasks associated with complex structures of real estate businesses. These programs are known for increasing efficiency and facilitating convenience for the human workers. A great commercial property management program can make the overall workplace infinitely more productive. The challenge is to choose the software that suits your real estate business the best. With that in mind, let’s consider some of the crucial aspects to look for when choosing any real estate management program:

1.     Intuitive Interface

Intuitive interface

Let’s face it; management software programs can be complicated. Most are designed exclusively for professional use. Additionally, in some cases using the program may even require additional training. While highly professional programs may work for businesses like law firms, real estate or property companies often employ a diverse workforce. The tech-savvy of employees may vary from person to person. Therefore, it’s important to choose a program with an intuitive interface, which is an interface a user can interact with without needing training. In other words, choose a highly user-friendly program that an employee with even a basic understanding of using a computer can work with.

2.     Cloud Connection

Cloud connection

Cloud-based technology has practically transformed the modern workplace. The technology has eliminated the need to exchange paper copies or send bulky files via email. In fact, with cloud tech, employees don’t need to exchange files at all. The tech enables two people to edit the same file from the same location. Cloud files can be accessed anytime, using any device, from anywhere with an internet connection. Cloud-based commercial property database software makes uploads and downloads highly convenient for corporate work forces.  It makes searching easy as well. Therefore, choose a cloud-based program to ensure you are buying the best management software program available in the market.

3.     Automation Aspects


Automation reduces the amount of time and resources needed to manually maintain a management database. Most newly released property management programs come with some form of automation-assisted by machine-learning algorithms. It’s important to understand that automated programs are not robots. The programs can only automate some tasks, especially repetitive tasks that employees find tedious to handle. For example, a basic accounting task that needs to be done every day can be handled by an automated software suite. The employees can save time and focus more on complex tasks with partially automated software. Companies can dramatically improve efficiency levels with a software suite that can perform some tasks on its own.

4.     Improved Access Levels

Improve access level

The modern employee doesn’t access company files only with a computer. Employees may need access to the database while on the go or when overseas. Therefore, a great property management software program would offer mobile and offline access. Mobile access allows employees to access the program securely using a handheld device. Not all management software have flexible algorithms that easily adapt to mobile platforms. Without mobile access, employees will not be able to use the database from wherever they are. Improved access levels should extend to offline access as well. These programs retain some data in the device being used so that the users can always have access to the data set even when there is no internet connection.

5.     Data Analysis Tools

Data analysis tool

Using a property management program improves efficiency only with the ability to thoroughly analyze data. The software suite your company purchases should have analytical tools, often called “insight” features, to truly deliver as promised. Such analytical tools often offer data for implementing cost-cutting measures, facilitating quality assurance, managing general costs, and improving the overall speed of the operation. These tools reduce the need for employees to spend time looking at the database and trying to glean important data points. Simply put, data analysis tools make life easier for everyone. When choosing a program, this would be an important feature to keep in mind about.

A great commercial property management software suite would involve all of the above aspects. The ultimate goal is to manage risk, keep costs to a minimum, and offer easy access to employees. In addition, make sure the software developer also offers support and maintenance aspects. Management programs can be highly complex and pose unpredictable tech issues. Therefore, the software developer must be able to offer extended customer support to your business when using the program. An emergency or a quick planning feature would be an added bonus as well to the suite. Isolate the most desirable aspects that suit your business first and then go hunting for the best program.

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