5 Best Tips For Virtual Staging To Sell Your Home Fast

The eyes are the first decision-makers when it comes to home buying. People will have to like what they see, in comparison to the other properties-for-sale in their roster, to start considering putting their names on it. 

Experts from some of the best virtual staging companies have given us a list of to-dos, for your property virtual staging to be ripe and ready for a green light. 

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Virtual Staging Tips

1. Hire A Virtual Staging Agency 

There are a lot of DIY tips you can do concerning preparing your place for virtual staging and ultimately, for it to be sold. But there’s nothing like hiring the pros to give you advice on what can really send your home up the market ladder, against the rest of your competitors. 

Such agencies have the know-how, the expertise, and the experience with various property types and market seasons. They may help raise the value of your place, through pro-virtual staging fixes PLUS extra pointers. 

2. The “It” Room 

Although a potential buyer will be purchasing the entire property as a whole, not every room in your abode is staging-worthy. There are a mere few that carry the most potential for virtual staging. In other words, ones that will catch buyers’ eyes the most. 

According to staging professionals, these top 3 include: the master bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen. Once you’ve taken your pick of one or all of the said rooms, the rest of the prepping can commence. 

3. No To Clutter, Yes To Clean 

The most practical tip to date. No buyer wants to see a property that’s riddled with mess here and there. This, no matter how central and ideal said property’s location is, how large the estate, how beautiful the furnishing, how majestic the view, etc. 

All of these can be so easily discarded and frankly, missed out on, when potential buyers are met with a clutter-filled sight. 

4. De-Personalize

After cleaning up, de-personalize every nook and cranny. Doing this isn’t only about discarding clutter and mess as above-mentioned, but it is also about removing items which are marked as your and your family’s personalized belongings. 

Family photos, bills and other documents posted on the fridge (along with magnets engraved with names of the members of the fam), personalized cushions, stickers and crayon drawings on the wall (by your kids, when they were toddlers), you name it. 

You are going to have to give potential buyers the leeway to imagine themselves as the owners of your property. Ridding the place of anything that will remind them that you are its current possessor will definitely lead to that. 

5. Repair And Redecorate (If Necessary) 

Your virtual staging agency is going to tell you about this, too. Unsightly portions of the property (i.e. cracked flooring, moisture-bulged walls, incomplete roofing shingles, discolored and fading furniture and accessories, the list goes on). These are a major no-no, both in the context of virtual staging and property selling. 

Be sure to take advice from your virtual staging partner in order for you to know which ones need repairing and revamping attention, stat! And in what ways you can have them repaired at a more economical cost.