5 Basic Steps You Need To Cover When Developing Your Brand’s Identity

Brand identity

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Covering Your Bases

There is a lot to a brand. From the time agricultural heavyweights began branding cattle using a heated symbol to scar livestock, to the modern logos which are used to brand top-tier companies the world over, substantial transition has taken place. Still, the core of a given brand is the same.

A brand’s logo, name, and slogan are archetypical in a subconscious sense. These small things represent a condensation of the overall brand. The “M” of McDonald’s is subconsciously relative to the “Mmmmmm” sound we make when we like a certain food. That big yellow “M” on a red background in a certain way says everything that needs to be said about McDonald’s.

Here’s the thing: even at the top, things change. “We Love To See You Smile” is a known slogan, so is “I’m lovin’ it.” If McDonald’s, who has inarguably cornered the market on fast food, must augment at intervals, you’re going to have to do the same thing.

Your brand must be recognizable, and visible; but it also must be flexible. So you see,  there’s complication here! But it’s possible to have a well-rounded brand which is easily identifiable, and properly flexible. Following are five steps to help you develop and maintain your brand’s identity.

1. Define Brand Goals

Determine where you are, and where you’re going—or at least, where you intend to go. You want to have clear goals which help you know the right moves. Ideally, you should expect a certain level of profit by a certain time. You additionally want to hit a certain market successfully. Know where you are, and where you’re going.

2. Utilize Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great opportunity for your business to become known among peers and clientele most amenable to what you do. You want to have a strong presence at trade shows starting out, and as you can afford to going forward.

Think of it like an engine on a lawn mower: you may need to pull the string a few times to get the engine running. Well, pull that string, then! The stronger your “pull” at a trade show, the more quickly your operation will become effectively established.

3. Increase Your Visibility

The Teehive prints personalized tablecloths for any personal event or business, which can be integral at trade-shows, or elsewhere; you can choose from multiple templates, interface with designers for total customization, and acquire stretch-fit solutions to fit the size of the table you’re looking to personalize.

Such personalized materials in the form of t-shirts, tablecloths, and other branded materials can be an essential part of helping you increase visibility as well as impact going forward.

4. Establish A Process Of Refinement

Your brand can’t exist in a “static” sense. You must always be working toward betterment of that which you’re providing for clients. This means researching your target market, and keeping close numbers so you always know what works and what doesn’t. It’s not enough to observe the changes, though; you’ve got to institute a system of implementation as well.

5. Facilitate Flexibility In Design For Refinement

McDonald’s changed their slogan, and they’re not the only one to subtly augment the public perception of their brand. Such changes are costly, but they will be necessary as your business expands, and its mission augments. If you design your brand with a level of flexibility in terms of outreach, provision, and development, you can curtail costs here.

Design Flexibility

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Bettering Your Brand

Work with PR professionals to help give you an idea of the best brand solutions. Additionally, for visibility, you might consider SEO (Search Engine Optimization) solutions.

The key is bettering your brand continuously in the most cost-effective way. You’ll need to augment going forward; build that into your brand, and you’ll reduce hassle while increasing brand effectiveness continuously over time.

Your brand should be flexible, continuously refine itself, constantly strive to expand visibility, use trade shows and the like to the utmost, and define clear goals. These things are essential in bettering you — and they may require some professional assistance.

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