4 Useful Content Writing Tips for Beginner Student Bloggers

Content is what people come to your blog for – its inner site (texts, photos, videos, etc.). Content is the king of the blog. You may have inconvenient navigation, a curved design, poor positions in a search engine, a complete lack of purpose, but it doesn’t matter if you create fresh content – you will still be read (assuming good progress, of course).


Whether you want to create written content but always dreamed, “I wish somebody could write my essay online,” it would be hard for you to create exciting blog content. However, you still have a chance to become the top 1 among other college student bloggers with our tips.

Blog rubrics

Rubrics are needed to reveal each of several topics on your blog or to reveal one topic from different angles. It is not necessary to try to embrace all the issues in the blog. You can twist one from different sides, crossing it with other topics.

What is the most crucial thing in any blog besides content?

The main thing is the regularity. Content plan and blog rubrics set the pace and do not let you give it up for a week or forever.

The uniform distribution of content over time is also essential. The worst thing is when you, for example, give out five posts in a week and then keep silent for two months.

Preparations for the future (canned blog post ideas)

In case of vacation, lack of inspiration or a lot of work-around, you need to have a few blanks that you can get and put on the blog when there is no time or desire to write posts. In order not to leave readers, you can pre-write several positions that will be relevant on any given day.

Another important thing is the equal ratio of content under the headings in the blog. That is if you plan to release three posts per week, and you have three headings, then ideally, each heading should have one post.

It is clear that life makes its adjustments, and you can post, for example, two posts in a row on one topic, and then write a month to another. But ideally, you should strive to ensure that the content is diverse. Otherwise, readers who are interested in only one rubric may get bored and get away from you.

Moral: do not immediately throw out a bunch of posts to the reader, but evenly distribute them by month. When a muse arrives, write several posts at once.

Remember about responsibility

The most important thing is to be responsible for everything that you write in a blog, and be prepared for any reaction, sometimes even the most inadequate. It is clear that we are changing, our opinion is not carved in stone, but at the time of the release of the post, you must be 100% certain about what you write.

Newbie student bloggers always wonder how to write a blog. Of course, it’s a popular occupation that sometimes brings money, but you should remember all that we have listed here is not a dogma. You can use some elements and forget about others. The main thing is to decide for yourself what is the purpose of your blog.

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