4 Tips That Will Guarantee Your Office Move Goes Smoothly

Moving to a new office building is an exciting moment in the life of every company. Even in the age of digital offices and remote work, your office space is a tangible connection to your fellow employees, the company itself, and the city around you. Moving to a larger office represents a step up in the world. 

What is less exciting is the move itself. Not only does moving office mean a lot of extra work, you need to balance it against the regular operations of your company. Clients still need to be engaged, sales still need to be closed, and your team will need to juggle the demands of packing up with the day-to-day requirements of their job. 

If you want to make your commercial move less of a headache, these four tips can help it go as smoothly as possible. 

1. Identify a Moving Czar

One of the challenges many businesses face when orchestrating a move is the classic problem of too many chefs in the kitchen. Making one person responsible for organizing the move and putting together a moving committee will make for a clearer decision-making process.

If you work for a large company, it may be a good idea to ensure the moving committee includes representatives from every department. Not only will this help ensure nothing gets overlooked, it will also streamline communications between the committee and the employees. 

2. Provide Your Team with Regular Updates

No one wants to be left in the dark during a process as disruptive as moving, and providing regular updates to the entire team will help people know what to expect — which will in turn help them focus on their work during the transition. 

These updates don’t need to be overly detailed, but they do need to let individual team members know what their responsibilities are and how the move will impact their regular workflow. 

3. Find the Right Commercial Moving Company

Planning and coordination are essential in the months leading up to a move, but when it comes to the move itself, the commercial mover you choose can make or break the experience. 

The best commercial office moving companies offer a comprehensive service, taking care not just of the moving, but also of packing and unpacking your furniture and office equipment. From cubicle disassembly and reassembly to providing storage between stages of the move, the right office moving company can save you time and effort, so your team can stay focused on what it does best throughout the course of the move. 

4. Make Sure Wiring and Connectivity are Set Up Before You Arrive

In addition to hiring commercial movers to help you relocate your furniture and equipment, you will also need to coordinate with management at your new building to set up wiring and connectivity. 

If the new building doesn’t offer these services, then you’ll need to work with a structured cabling company to ensure that your floorplan has the right access points and your team can plug in the phones and get back to work on day one. 

With the right preparation and support, moving offices doesn’t need to be a logistical nightmare. If your company has an office move in the coming year, make sure you find the office moving support you need and start preparing your workforce for the adventure today.