Cleaning up those Campaigns – 4 Reasons Why you should have a Digital Marketing Audit

A strong online presence is crucial for any business. Regardless of their longevity in the industry, the size of the business or the amount of profit they’re making. Without a good digital marketing strategy, you’ll find your business lagging behind your competitors and struggling to keep up. 

Unfortunately, an online marketing strategy isn’t something you can simply set up and leave running. This kind of strategy needs to be regularly updated, monitored and adjusted to get the most exposure and visibility online, something that most businesses find out the hard way. 

Digital marketing

In order to ensure that your digital marketing strategy is in good working order, you’re going to need to have a digital marketing audit – what is a digital marketing audit? Click the link to find out more. Here we’ll look at 4 reasons why you should have a digital marketing audit.

Ensure your keywords are working for you

The use of the right keywords in your content is vital in boosting your SEO and getting those hits. A digital marketing audit will tell you if you’re using the right keywords and if you’re “stuffing” or using too many. The audit will help highlight the areas of your content that need more of a natural flow in order to get you better results. 

Your site is too slow

We’ve all gotten frustrated at a slow website, crossed it off and then moved onto a more responsive site. It’s frustrating, and it could be costing you clicks and business. A digital marketing audit will check the responsiveness of your site, on both desktops and other smart devices. If your website is slow then it’s Google ranking will be negatively impacted.

Your pages are full of issues 

On-page optimisation and checks are crucial for helping clear up any page discrepancies that could be damaging the customer experience on your site and harming your SEO and online visibility. Duplicated titles and headings, meta descriptions, alt tags, not enough content on certain pages, broken links or missing image or video files are all contributing factors. 

Does everything work as it should?

Buttons, call to actions, form submissions, links to social media pages. If these buttons and links don’t work as they should, then they could be affecting your site’s performance. A digital marketing audit will help identify any technical issues and advise you on how to keep it functional. 

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