4 Do’s and Don’ts of SMS marketing

As there are pitfalls in SMS marketing that you should avoid, there are also certain strategies that must be applied in running an effective SMS marketing campaign. These pitfalls cut across the content of the message, the time of sending the message and the customer you are sending the message to. Also read Tech Times best mass texting service. If you abide by the dos and don’ts in this article, you would easily avoid some common pitfalls that’ll bring about a poor SMS marketing campaign. In addition, you would find useful tips in running an effective SMS marketing campaign. Below are some dos and don’ts of SMS marketing:


1. Brevity:

The use of a few words to pass across a message enables easy assimilation. Your SMS messages should be short and straightforward. Keep It short and simple is the full form of the acronym KISS. This should be a watchword and constant reminder for you as a businessman.

2. Time conscious:

Depending on the location of your clients, you should be conscious of the time. Not every country has the same time range; they all differ. For example, you don’t want your marketing message to be delivered to your customer’s phone when he is asleep. So in order not to lose your customers by sending a text at the wrong hour of the day, you have to be time conscious.

3.  Create special packages:

To keep your business contact list growing, you have to make your customers feel special and important. Humans are very prone to emotions so, when you create special packages for your customers, they wouldn’t want to delete your SMS messages before reading them.

4.   Use attention grabbing headlines:

A single SMS has a limit of 160 characters so in order to abide by the rule of brevity, you have to start with catchy headlines so as to grab the attention of your customers. For example, you can have attention grabbing titles such as: “SPECIAL PACKAGES” “CHECK THESE OUT”. Dull headlines would bore whoever gets the SMS message.


1.  Avoid abbreviations:

 An SMS that contains slangs wouldn’t be taken seriously especially if it’s business inclined. Abbreviations are better for informal text messages.

2.    Don’t forget a CTA:

 CTA is an acronym for Call – To – Action. A call to action is a guideline used to assist your clients on knowing what to do next, when to do it, how to do it, where to do it and why to do it. For example; at the end of a text, options to be selected can be placed. I.e reply HOW to get a short code.

3.   Don’t pitch always:

Pitching your business is important but it is not always the ultimate goal. Adding freebies or links to participate in promos would definitely increase your chances list. Your customers are also humans so, do ensure you put that in mind; not everyone wants to get a sales text message everyday.

4.   Always identify your brand:

Courtesy demands that when you meet someone new, you introduce yourself. Self identification is important at least  to enable your customers to get the thrill of receiving your SMS message.

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