4 Basic Lessons Every Entrepreneur Could Do With


Here are a few basic lessons every entrepreneur should pick up in order to build a sustainable business ecosystem.

Be excited. Very excited.

The key thing to being an entrepreneur is to be quite passionate and excited about your business. Entrepreneurship, generally, is quite hard for most of us. It does take a long time, and you are going to have to compromise for the lack of balance in your lifestyle when you are at it. It obviously is an extreme sport, and if you are going to succeed at it, you have got to put your head down and pursue it. Be excited about it and yet be very aware of the fact that odds are very high for your venture to fail, and you have to give it all.

Failure is Not Bad After All

It’s most likely that you will not succeed easily. And, if you do fail, you need to buckle up and get ready for the next bout just like how it works in different rounds of boxing in a bout. Don’t let the negativity of failure to push you down. It is not good to stay down. There is a good chance that everything that you do might turn horribly wrong for you and your business, but what makes the difference is what you attempt to do with your failures.

Strike a good deal with VCs; They’re not Like Banks

Several entrepreneurs make a common mistake to think that Venture Capitalists are like banks. VCs are not like banks in every way. Yes, they fund entrepreneurs and do it in a systematic way. They have their own methods to decide to which entrepreneur to lend their money. However, the nature of their business forces them to think about making the most of the limited amount of capital to invest across a different set of companies that match their requirements. And, they show more readiness to come in and add value, and perhaps help your idea/business take off.

Know Yourself; Your System

Knowing your ecosystem will take you further in your quest to become a successful entrepreneur.

Understand how VCs work, tailor your presentations according to them, and try to elicit their feedback even if you end up not winning over them with your business presentations. Be a stickler when it comes down to quality, get involved with people who work with you, appreciate what drives your business and never ever doubt your ability to be pragmatic about what is going to happen with it.

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