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University of Phoenix Uses AHRQ Quality Indicators Toolkit to Improve Nursing Coursework

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash On September 24, 2021, University of Phoenix released a statement explaining its use of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Quality Indicators (QI) Toolkit as part of its graduate nursing program. Showing enormous potential as an educational resource, the Toolkit featured in the assessment of the University of […]

5 Tips for Shipping Internationally

International shipping is the process of exporting and importing products across the air, ocean, and land. When you ship internationally, you have to be aware of the regulations in other countries and packaging requirements. This process requires completed customs forms, additional labels, and tracking numbers. International shipping is not difficult, as the shipments can be […]

How To Secure Funding As An Entrepreneur?

To secure funding as an entrepreneur is one of the most challenging tasks in business, among others. However, it can now be more straightforward than it has ever been before. After millions of people lost their jobs during the Coronavirus pandemic, many came up with business ideas. Indeed, employment will never be satisfactory—especially f you […]

How to Start a Used Car Business?

Owning even a minor used vehicle business involves much more than just putting automobiles on a lot and waiting for clients to arrive. It requires familiarity with the vehicles, competence in their features and differences, knowledge of comparative pricing for similar models, and how to arrange vehicle finance. Before you even place the first “For […]

Easy Ways To Fix Car Dents Yourself

Whether you have an older model or brand new car, dents can be exceptionally unsightly. Unfortunately, leaving dents on your car’s body will also result in rust damage. So, you should never overlook this cosmetic detail. Not just that, cosmetic damages can degrade the value of your vehicle substantially, as this impacts perceived value. Dents […]