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The 5 Most Powerful Candlestick Patterns

Candlestick analysis is one of the ways to assess the Forex market with no reference to its key indicators. To implement such an approach, you need to find the required combination of “candles” on the chart. Candlestick patterns can consist of one, two, three or even more candles. These can predict the continuation of the […]

When Game Design Comes to Life: Everything You Need for Making Your Own Board Game

Families find they spend more time at home now, thanks to the global pandemic. TV shows become boring after a while, and people can only read so many books. Gather and play a board game. This continues to be a great family activity for most, but some families discover they don’t have any games that […]

5 Top Reasons Why Email Marketing Service is a Necessity

Image If you thought email was dead, you are wrong. So, marketers are leveraging this one form of marketing for their small and large scale business. Statistics suggest more than 34% of people worldwide use email, which roughly amounts to 2.5 billion people. That’s how popular email marketing can be if you use it the […]

Characteristics Of Toxic People

Happiness is what we look for as it is a key to positive emotions. Our minds, emotions and thinking patterns are altered with experiences we go through, both positive and negative. As much as we analyze people, situations, we also need to keep our thoughts and emotions in perspective. We enjoy happiness through positive associations […]

Which Online Services are Most Likely to Influence a Purchase?

As a brand and a business, you need to know where to place and advertise your products so they get as much exposure as possible. In turn, this will hopefully generate some healthy sales figures and revenue for you. The internet is a vast place and you need to know where exposure should be brought […]