Archives for September 2020

Why Should You Start an Online Course

With the increasing demand for knowledge, online courses are often paid for by people who seek to experience lifelong learning and people who want to develop different skills. The Global E-learning Market is expected to grow to $275 billion by 2020 because of the low cost, flexibility, and accessibility that comes with online learning.  It’s […]

Android Entrepreneurship Stronger Than Ever

Ever since the beginning of the smartphone era, the real drivers of entrepreneurship have been mobile applications. In the early days of Android, developers designed apps for the simplest functions and made a fortune out of them. However, now things are not as easy, but that’s not stopping entrepreneurs.  Android remains one of the most […]

Company Travel Programs: 4 ways to treat your team next year

Amidst all the challenges faced this year, it’s important to congratulate your team on a job well done. A better way to bring back the appreciation is to treat your team. Thus, think positive and start planning great ways to treat your team next year.  Here are some suggestions on how to treat your team:  […]

5 Tips to Have a Healthy Work-Life Balance

We spend most of our adult lives either at home or at work. These two places become the most important parts of our lives because we need both for survival. It is important to have a balance between both. Here are some tips to help you achieve the balance: 1. Fix Your Priorities Any busy […]

6 Ways That Entrepreneurs Can Build a Strong Brand Identity

One of the most important skills that an entrepreneur can master is branding. With a great brand, people can immediately identify the values of the company behind it. A brand should speak to a company’s promise to its customers and clients while building a unique identity that differentiates it from its competitors and highlights its […]