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Important things to consider when Hiring Your Start-up’s First Employee

Typically, the first few people who join your start-up company will end up being partners or something very close to them. It takes a while before you get to the stage where you’re hiring rank and file employees. Of course, in the interim, you might be more likely to hire an independent contractor or freelancer […]

4 Ways to Reduce Sickness Rates at Work

One of the main challenges human resource managers face is sickness absence. When many employees take sick leave, tasks have to be reassigned, or some projects need to be put on hold. The disruption in operations always has an impact on the productivity and profitability of a company. Therefore, it is in the best interest […]

Get Renewed with the IRS Fresh Start Initiative

For many taxpayers who owe back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service, it is hard to settle tax debt. The added expenses and penalties associated with being unable to pay off a large sum of debt at one time complicate matters and can overwhelm taxpayers. However, the IRS established the Fresh Start Initiative, which is […]

Reasons Why the Electricity Bill is higher during the Winter

Have you ever wondered why you pay more for your electricity bill during the winter? This tendency has been observable for many years. While in summer, your bill is quite tolerable, in winter the price of your electricity may make your head spin. It’s enough to take a look at texas electricity ratings to notice […]

Does your Website need PCI Compliance, and who is Liable for it?

Similar to HIPAA for the healthcare industry, PCI compliance is a hot topic for the online retail and business industry. You’re likely aware of what PCI compliance is all about, but let’s go through a quick refresher. PCI (payment card industry) compliance refers to technical and operational protocol standards for businesses (that accept credit card […]