Archives for February 2018

Tips on Writing a Leadership Research Paper

When you are asked to write about leadership, you should clearly understand that a professor reading your research paper assesses not only your ability to gather information and analyze it but also your personal approach to leadership. Due to this you should be truly careful when choosing examples for your paper and making conclusions, as […]

Will Regulation Kill or Civilize Cryptos Market?

After so much hype towards the end of 2017, cryptocurrencies have faced a shockingly bad start to 2018. Cryptocurrencies had finally broken away from being a niche financial industry, to becoming much more mainstream or commonplace. But 2018 has seen regulation somehow clip their wings.  Regulatory headlines have dominated the industry this year, with market […]

Restaurant Delivery Service: Outsource or In-House?

Restaurant delivery and the rise in off-premise dining are changing the food service industry. What was once a novel concept, practiced by only pizza joints and the most tech savvy of establishments, is quickly becoming the standard. As more and more restaurants adapt to the landscape, those who aren’t yet offering delivery or off-premise dining […]

3 Gravest Mistakes Businesses Make Regarding Influencer Marketing

Who doesn’t like to watch Gigi Hadid in those stunning Tommy Hilfiger clothes? It is no doubt that popular celebrities can make your brand look fancy. But, the challenge still stands – how much does influencer marketing actually work for businesses? Out of all marketing strategies that businesses use, from search engine optimization to social […]

How to Fund Your Startup Without Bankrupting Your Life

If you’ve ever worked at a startup business, you know they face several challenges. Perhaps the biggest is getting enough funding for your startup to thrive without putting your personal finances at risk. Luckily, you can take several steps to fund your startup without taking too much money out of your own pocket. Know Where […]