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Ways AI Applications Can Jumpstart Your Startup’s Daily Operations

  Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping to level the playing field for startups, giving them the technology to compete with established companies. Take Chatobook, an AI chatbot designed for restaurants. Chatobook helps startup restaurants build customer loyalty, which can be the key to getting enough repeat business to survive periodic downturns. The Chatobook app enables […]

Top 40 Blogs for Entrepreneurs that they must Follow

You might be someone who wants to start a new business or someone who already has ventured into this territory. Or you might be someone who just likes to know about the business strategies. 40 Best Blogs for Entrepreneurs Here are 40 blogs for entrepreneurs that you must follow if you want some tips and […]

Why Small Businesses Should Invest in Mobile POS Systems

Nearly all businesses, both big and small, use digitized point of sale (POS) systems. Even a small mom-and-pop corner grocery store can benefit immensely from a digital POS system. Now there’s a new type of POS systems that small businesses should seriously consider investing in—mobile cash registers. Also called mobile POS system, this is a […]

How To Build A Good Reputation As A Contractor

It’s not easy doing your job well and being a leader. Becoming a strong contractor takes time, extra effort and patience. You can’t expect to be a trailblazer overnight, but that doesn’t mean you should give up trying. That’s why it’s important to gain experience, read inspiring articles and network with people who you see […]

What do You Need to Land Your Dream Job?

There is a big difference between a job that pays the bills and one that is a job you have always wanted to do. Many people when they start work, fall into a job that they will stick to because the money is ok, and they have a family to look after. However, what about […]