Archives for December 2016

Tips for Running Your Business from Home

More people than ever are choosing to run their businesses from home. From seasoned entrepreneurs looking to save money on office space and utilities, to family men or women looking to start a business around family commitments, the growth of the internet in business has made this not just possible, but relatively easy to achieve. […]

Team Building Activities To Begin The New Year

For many business owners, inspiring the workforce should be their new year’s resolutions. Stale and boring workplaces go hand in hand with low production output and low retention rates of staff. Inspiring the workforce can be a great way to build a family at work and to prevent a better working environment. This can be […]

5 Great Degrees for Young Entrepreneurs

Truth be told, you do not need a college degree to become an entrepreneur. And according to Peter Thiel, a self-made billionaire and the founder of PayPal, you should actually drop out of school to start a life in business. But unless you have sufficient funds to start a business, you should take this advice […]

Better to be Profitable than Right

If people are right, how come they often go wrong? This is a question affecting Forex traders but also affecting people as a whole. Because a trader tends to trade on his wits and battle with his temperament, he may feel a need to defend a position because he doesn’t want to be proven wrong. […]