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5 Business Lessons You Can Learn from Everyday Life

Human beings love to compartmentalise.  Tucked away in English provincial towns you can still find Victorian museums and in them you’ll find hundreds of drawers each containing hundreds of species of butterflies or beetles.  It’s a model of compartmentalisation which still haunts us.  Think about your school experience: maths at nine, geography at ten, science […]

Top 6 Applications That Will Help You Save Your Time

Holidays are coming to an end and it is time to return to daily activities. Unfortunately, after a hot summer, optimum time management can be a challenge. We present an overview of the six applications should come to an aid in this case. TimeCamp This one may prove to be helpful, especially while we are […]

7 Life Lessons That Only A Failure Can Teach You

Failure! – Is it really a bad thing? Life is a daily struggle. We learn a lot of important lessons along the way. Lessons which are lifelong and whatever you do, they remain with you. Nothing can teach us more than the failures. Here are few life lessons which only a failure can teach us: […]

What Makes Up An Effective Social Media Strategy

We’ve all heard it: social media is one of the most effective channels for advertisement and it can help you increase your client base and monthly traffic. And, if we look at numbers, we can understand why. I mean, if we take a quick look at some Facebook stats, we’ll see that there are 1.65 […]

Instead of Stocks Trade a CFD

CFD is a derivative product and is an agreement or a contract for difference between the two parties involved to exchange the differences in the opening and closing price i.e. the client and the broker or dealer or agent in the primary market. In other words, it is a deal between two parties to exchange […]