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5 Ways to Turbo Charge Your Customer Service

In this day and age customer service is marketing. It’s PR. In the era of social media, screenshots and smartphones, a bad experience won’t lose you one customer; it could lose you hundreds. For example, Amy’s Baking Co, who had a famous meltdown after negative feedback about their appearance on TV show Kitchen Nightmares – and […]

Know the Importance of Re-Evaluating Your Goals as an Entrepreneur

People who write down their goals, share them with a friend and send weekly updates to them are 33 percent more successful in accomplishing their goals than those who just conceptualize them, according to Gail Matthews, a professor at Dominican University of California. Her takeaway from the study shows the effectiveness of accountability, commitment and […]

Learn How To Prepare For Retirement

As an entrepreneur, the way that you plan for retirement will be a little different than for others. Since you may not have an employer retirement plan that you can contribute to, this will mean that you need to save up the money all on your own. Below is some quick advice that will hopefully […]

How to Avoid Executive Burnout

Executives are people, too. And that means they suffer from all the same problems and challenges as other people. They are not immune to any of the normal human failings, and have no special protection against mental and emotional problems. It might even be argued that because of the added pressure under which they operate, […]

Avoiding Vendor Lock-In When Choosing Hyper-converged Solutions

Vendor lock-in is a situation where the user of a product or service cannot transition to a competitor’s product or service either in whole or in part. The primary cause of lock-in is usually incompatibility of technologies, although in certain cases there can be contractual constraints. Lock-in can reduce an organisation’s efficiency and its ability […]