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Understanding the Differences Between Co-Borrowers and a Guarantor

Applications for loans may be signed in conjunction with a co-borrower or guarantor. This usually makes the loan more secure and assures the lender that the loan will be paid back in case the principal borrower defaults. However, if you are planning to help your friend or family member to guarantee a loan, you should […]

The Top Benefits of Living In a Condo

Many people tend to shy away from living in a condo at the heart of the city. Some think it’s too crowded, noisy, cramped, and the proximity to all your other neighbors seems a little creepy. It really all depends on where you choose to stay and the quality of the condo you get, but […]

Effective Techniques: How to Motivate Staff

Before selecting suitable techniques, managers should be aware of the impact staff motivation has on the company. Employees who are highly motivated, work hard and participate towards high productivity rates in the company. Employees who lack motivation are more liable to make mistakes and can affect the quality of the company’s output. This is why […]

5 ways To Get The Most From Your Business

It can be extremely difficult to deliver generic business advice, especially when you consider the vast and occasionally subtle differences that distinguish alternative markets and sectors. While your precise strategy and plan with depend largely on the service that you deliver and the nature of the market; however there are several underlying rules of business […]

Cybersecurity Tips to Protect Your Start-up Business

Cyberthieves are increasingly targeting small businesses the U.S. Small Business Administration warned this month during its National Cyber Security Awareness Month campaign. In 2013, 44 percent of small businesses reported experiencing a cyberattack, at an average cost of $9,000 per incident, an SBA survey found. Last year, 34 percent of phishing emails impersonating a familiar […]