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How to Build Your Personal Brand on the Social Web

Personal branding is something that each of us should do on a consistent basis, in both our professional and personal lives. It is not difficult, but rather a consistent process that requires considerable time and effort. Tell Your Unique Story Before starting to write your mission statement, ask yourself: What feelings do you want to […]

A Wonderful Tool For a Job Search

Browsing job sites for the employment, you may notice that some of them are posted directly by the employers and some by recruitment agencies. In the first case, it is clear that the company is looking for someone to fill the vacant positions, in the second case it is not. It happens that on the same […]

Five Things to Look for when Buying Web Hosting

When you are building your website for your business, it can be so easy to get caught up in the design that you do not give much thought to the actual hosting of your website. However, this is an essential part of getting your site up and running and there are several important factors that […]

Should You Consider Business Processing Outsourcing?

When the economy gets tough, the subject of BPO inevitably rears its head. The perceived lower costs are the prime reason for companies to consider changing their methods, and recent estimates do say outsourcing delivers savings of 25-50%. This is because you no longer need to hire individuals in-house so recruitment and operation costs are […]

Have You Planned for International Sales

As your business grows from local to regional and regional to national, you won’t encounter many new challenges with regulations and operations. However, as your business grows to attract international customers, you may find new challenges and obstacles you have not seen before. Here are some common challenges and solutions for new international entrepreneurs. Currency […]