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5 Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

Most entrepreneurs have plenty in common. In fact, to remain successful for the long run, a person should follow a lot of the same rules and ideas. When doing so, a small business owner will make a good living both in the short and long run. With this in mind, here are five qualities of […]

My Favorite Chrome Add-ons and Extensions For Bloggers and Businesses

I pretty much use my own personal laptop for everything–blogging, freelancing, and work, since I now work in a co-working space so I bring my own laptop.  Therefore, having a browser that makes for super easy Internet surfing, blog and news source reading and social media sharing is ideal, which is why I love the […]

3 Crucial Tips for Finding Clients For Your Small Business

When you started your business you thought finding clients would be a breeze. You have an awesome product or service to offer – definitely better than the competitions, but yet you aren’t having much luck landing clients. If you’re in this position – don’t feel bad. A lot of new small business owners underestimate just […]