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Can You Afford To Be Happy?

Even if you’ve never asked yourself this question, you’ve lived it. You’ve thought about it. Chances are good that you’ve either blocked it out or it tortures you every day. It’s the age old battle between making a living and making a life. The first can bring you money, material goods, and a sense of […]

A One Step Plan For Success

Step one. Take the first step. That is all. Don’t worry about where, direction isn’t all that important. Size does matter, but bigger is not better. A small step is more than sufficient. Forget about the destination; focus on physics instead. Wait, physics? Yes. More specifically, master Newton’s First Law of Motion: an object at […]

Five Considerations to Make When Moving Abroad

Moving overseas can be a very exciting time, although it does come with a range of other emotions including stress and worry. You can never be sure exactly how the process will go but with the right amount of planning you can try and make sure that it is as smooth as possible. It should […]

You Might Be An Entrepreneur If…

While you might be thinking that you have the perfect product, business, or pitch don’t quit your day job just yet. Going your own way and truly being self-employed takes a lot more than a good idea, it requires execution. There are a lot of people who have ideas, but there are very few people […]

How Social Media Coverage Can Help Websites Like Online Casinos

What makes social media so impressive and essential for companies to get into is the sheer number of people willing to express their ideas and thoughts about anything. While this may not be particularly interesting when coming from people about their daily lives, for companies asking questions to a user base about what they like […]