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Exercise and Entrepreneurship: Why Excess Weight Will Cost You

Your waistline affects more than your health. Research suggests that the detriments of obesity can extend beyond health and self-esteem right into the workplace. There’s a “consistent wage penalty” for excess body fat and a “wage premium” for muscular body composition.   Fat and Getting Fatter No matter where you look waistlines around the world […]

Hosting A Blog Giveaway

As a new blogger, I thought giveaways were the key (or one of the keys, at least) that would help boost up my followers, my readers, and my views. While hosting a blog giveaway can certainly help to do many of these things, it’s not a magical fix. Sure, they can certainly help draw in […]

Perks You May Give Up When You Quit Your Job

Many parents, especially women, often make the sacrifice to give up their jobs to stay home and take care of their children.  Some do this because they want to experience raising children themselves, and they don’t want to miss out on any baby and toddler milestones.  Others do it because the financial cost of quality […]

Goals are for Losers and Other Secrets of Success

Earlier this week I stumbled upon an article in the Wall Street Journal written by Dilbert creator, Scott Adams. The title of this particular article, Scott Adams’ Secret of Success: Failure, sounded a lot like works I’ve read in the past. There are books, blogs, and entire websites devoted to the idea of “failing forward.” […]

Getting over the Headache of SEO

If you’re at least a somewhat established blogger (and have an e-mail address posted on your website)–you’re probably like me and get at least five e-mails a week offering help with SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Most (if not all) of them are scams. SEO isn’t all that scary. A couple months ago I won […]