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Five Essential Services You’ll Need to Find When You Move to Manchester

I moved to Manchester just over three years ago when I started a job in the city centre. It seems that more and more people are doing the same, especially since the BBC moved to MediaCity in Salford Quays. There is a strong business community here, and people often find that their cost of living […]

5 Popular Small Business Uses for a Virtual Assistant

As a small business owner, you have lots of tasks to do on a regular basis. Virtual assistants for entrepreneurs are hugely helpful. Here are five tasks that are popular for new business owners to outsource.  And if you want more info, check out this great Virtual Assistant Guide!   Web Research While I am […]

The Best Mobile Computing Options for Entrepreneurs

I just gave in after months of debate and picked up a new tablet to get work done on the road, in the air, at the coffee shop, or wherever else I decide to work. As business becomes less location dependent and you can work from anywhere, it may be a smart idea to find […]

How To Write a To-Do List That Actually Works

Have you ever had so much to do that you didn’t even know where to start? I know I have. That feeling is crippling. You just sit and think about all of the work you have before you, all of the deadlines looming. Something has to get done, but what? How about making a list? […]

Working with Brands and Organizations as a Blogger

Working with brands and different organizations can be great–free stuff, a great support system, paid posts, etc. It can be realllllllly tempting as a new blogger to jump on the bandwagon and want all the free swag that all the other bloggers seem to have and the paid posts they’re putting up and making money. […]